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Question about the drinking laws of Poland.

h0mefry 2 | 23
3 Feb 2011 #31
Poland is very relaxed about enforcing drinking. I was actually kind of disappointed when I went after turning 18, because I was looking forward to getting ID'd legally. I never got ID'd once.
Lenka 3 | 2,630
3 Feb 2011 #32
I play basketball over here and I love it, and I was wondering how popular the sport is over there and if there is a lot of kids that play it.

Some ppl play it but football is much more popular.However you shouldn't have problems to find the team.

I never got ID'd once.

I'm 24 and 4 months ago I was asked for ID.Since I don't have this problem on daily basis I didn't have it with me.If it wasn't for my friend I wouldn't get my beer :)
Lodz_The_Boat 32 | 1,535
3 Feb 2011 #33
Get a life Lodz

I got one already ...

It is parent duty to talk to a child about the dangers in everyday life, especially about addictions etc

So what else did I say? ... oh and Govt. is there to impose laws aswell on behalf of the people they serve.

but it doesn't mean your child would be abstinent because you told him some facts about it.

The child may when they look up at parents who are saying what they really believe in and practiced themselves. There are alot of wonderful non-coercive yet effective ways of saying things. However, it depends in the internal value set of people ... I'm not saying that anyone must, its just a value set I'm talking about.

It is in human nature to try new things and you cannot do a thing to prevent it

Try out new things ... good things ... rock climbing, hiking, trekking, camping, other nature sports ... writing ... helping poor ... doing something that needs the strength of body while you still have it. These are very new and exciting stuff ... I think these are what human nature and built really demands - something meaningful and benefiting. However, human weakness is to lay idle and do things which are destructive to its ownself and the very fabric of society. This weakness will be carried out by some, but there is no harm to discourage it - which I do.

you sounds like you really need something for a change.

I've had many changes in life asik. I've been drunk once in school - when I tried this stuff for the first time (and thankfully the last time). Since then I've preferred the good changes in life, and they have had positive effects. Been to a few countries (not countries within Europe only) ... met people ... did things which I can treasure throughout my life. Look forward to more meaningful experiences in life ...

so stop judging others

I'm not judging anyone. I'm judging a concept of "having fun" ... which any responsible person should do, to know whether it is wise or not. One must judge the good and the bad ... not necessarily the person carrying it out.
5 Feb 2011 #34
Lodz, your judgmental mindset makes me sick. I am Polish living in America and 17 years old. My family has a very high moral standard and are all respected individuals (almost all doctors). I do not drink or take illicit drugs.

You say you don't judge people that you are judging an idea. You are lying. If you actually believe that you are blinder then I thought.

If your "high standards and morals" make it okay for you to judge individuals in the way that you have being then those standards can be grouped along with Hitler's morals which made it okay to do what he did to Poland and WW2.

Again, you make me sick. You attacking other individuals for their morals will not result in them changing their ways, and you know this. This tells me that you enjoy attempting to oppress others.

It is people like you that strive to ruin this planet. Back off. Keep your morals to your self.

On the subject of drinking, if your going to drink underage be temperate for your own sake. Thats the only reason laws are made in the first place because people went out of control and hurt themselves and others. So,'simply, just watch how much you drink.
Lodz_The_Boat 32 | 1,535
5 Feb 2011 #35
So,'simply, just watch how much you drink.

No one can watch how much they drink everytime. Drinking is of the the biggest reason for crimes.

All the blames you have hurled on me are baseless. I'm not trying to impose anything. All I am saying is being in favor of the law, and my perspective on the situation. I do not go out of my way and stop someone from drinking. In that way I would not have been able to live like a sane man this long.

It is not right to stay mum about your own perspectives. But it is wrong to go and impose it on others. However, you can definitely share it in a peaceful manner.

I think I've been more peaceful than you have in your post.

Thank you.
smurf 39 | 1,981
5 Feb 2011 #36
I do not drink or take illicit drugs.

and your shít doesn't stink either

get over yourself, take a pint and smoke a joint, you might enjoy it and learn something about yourself
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
5 Feb 2011 #37
Anyone recall when back in the 1990s Gazeta Wybiórcza ran a survey aboot raising the drinking age to 21, and a majority of young people supported it. If they were sincere and not just doing it 'dla jaj', that might suggest that many teens are peer-pressure into drinking against their will.
smurf 39 | 1,981
5 Feb 2011 #38
Gazeta Wybiórcza ran a survey

wow, great source there. not

drinkin age should be lowered like in Austria & Belgium, where you can buy beer & wine at 16 and distilled booze at 18, means that young people have 2 years to build up a tolerance to the harder stuff and guess works.

21 is far too old and draconian
jonni 16 | 2,485
5 Feb 2011 #39
Exactly, at 17 somebody can get married or serve in the army, but can't have a beer. Yet drinking ages are rarely lowered because the 16-18 age group aren't exactly flush with enough money to be interesting to the brewery market.
17 Apr 2011 #40
I came across this forum because I am a UK guy living in Poland and I have started a company to import an alcoholic product from UK here. Apart from the massive amount of paperwork, inspections, banderola applications... I am in favour of some control on alcohol - for the good of society, because we all need to be educated about dangers. However there is another side to all this - govt. taxes and not only that, govt. using the excuse of control in order to fund sometimes largely pointless controls. I mean self funding offices that serve no real purpose. As stated I do agree that people should have possibility to make informed life choices... and of course people will drink underage whatever. To be honest, I don't think it matters so much, as long as they have been taught/learnt/have natural ability for some kind of moral values. All the people so anti alcoholic drinks have a point of course... just a % are on a high horse for no reason and should just chill! If really have something to say and are older, it's not really a good way to alienate "younger" people by spouting a bunch of cliches. Rather try to remember when you were young and if you did things that you "should not" ! Did you end up a f&*^ed up individual cos you drank something before you were 18 or whatever age limit it is where you are? Chancs are NO if you are writing here, but all of us have done things in our past that we have learnt from (and that were downright jsut fun haha). Just remember that as much as people hype up drinking, the other side is that other people jump on a "anti drinking" club. Just like with the Green smelly stuff... dont' get me started on that, but actually who gave you (anyone anti) the right to tell anyone what they can or cannot do iwth naturally occurring plants etc? Excuse me, last time I looked this is my world too!
kepler 4 | 19
20 Jul 2012 #41
Merged: Pretending to drink alcohol in street is illegal in Poland?

Hey everyone,

I know that drinking alcohol in public places is very much prohibited but is it against the law to drink water from vodka bottle? My Polish friend told me that I shouldn't play a joke with the police because it's also illegal.

Is it true?

Dziękuję z góry
peterweg 37 | 2,319
20 Jul 2012 #42
You will get a fine, proving its not vodka will be impossible, they are not going to test it.

Related: Are there any restriction about Alcohol sales on campus in Poland?

I am making a research about alcohol ban at university level. So, I really need to know if there are any restrictions about alcohol sale on Polish Universities. I would be glad if you answer/comment.

As far as I am aware alcohol is not on sale at any food/beverage outlet at my Polish uni. I would be very surprised if this were not the case elsewhere.

Having said that, my uni rents space to a bar attached to its building.
boletus 30 | 1,366
21 Jul 2012 #43
A young man, pretending to be drunk and then taken to a sobering chamber in Poznań, ate all his money - approximately 500 zlotys. He was afraid to be robbed by the orderlies.
2 Apr 2017 #44

Underage drinking and firecrackers in Poland

Can i buy alcohol when i am 17 or will they ask for id? can i buy fireworks all year even if im 17?
Kuzyn - | 23
2 Apr 2017 #45
You need to be 18 to buy alcohol, cigarettes and fireworks (they're mostly available near 31st December). If you look like you're under 20 they will ask for ID (many shopkeepers dont recognize driving license even if you are over 18 and still looks like a you are not).

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