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A question about divorce - how to get it from my ex who left Poland to Germany?

21 Oct 2014 #1
hello everyone am female 24 years old and i was living with my husband (EX) for 2 years and later he left me for 5 years now my question is how i can get the divorce from him in Poland law even we talk about it and he said he will give me the divorce later, he left to Germany and no one know anything about him, and i want to take the divorce, what should i do?
terri 1 | 1,665
21 Oct 2014 #2
Go and see a good lawyer and not ask people (on a public forum) who are not lawyers.
22 Oct 2014 #3

I am graduated in Polish law. I saw your question here and I think I am able to answer on it. First of all, if you dont have any kids and any property/ real estate in common the thing is pretty simple.

You can do it in two ways:

1) your husband take somebody (can be lawyer but not necessery) who will represente him in the court and will accepte the divorce. Normally, u got it on the first audience

2) you send a normal demande of the divorce with the demande of tuteur for your husband because you are not sure where is he at the moment. The judge will ask some institiutions or his family to find the adress of your husband. In the case of it will be impossible- he will publish the announces in the public places to declare that the place of living of the husband is unknown and he will establish the tuteur for your husband to represente him and in the final accepte the divorce.

If you need the help in any case of Polish law- do not hesitate :)

Agnieszka de Oliveira
22 Oct 2014 #4
If you get the jurisdiction of the Polish Court in your case, then there shouldn't be a problem for you to get a divorce decision in the Polish Court.

Your husband as a defendant , simply won't turn up in the Court, so the judge won't be able to take the deposition from him. The case would continue then.

I am a lawyer based in Poland, so I can help with this case, contact:
OP ghost
23 Oct 2014 #5
@label_rouge thank you so much for this detailed information you made it so clear
but what if i have a property in common?
i have a house and a car
and can you please send me your e-mail address if possible.
11 Nov 2014 #6
Hi. My wife filed for divorce. I dont want to get divorced. My case is in the beginning of next year. What happens if i dont show up in court? I have two kids. The house in in her name given as a gift from dad but the loans we took in both our names. I just really dont want to get divorced.
gumishu 11 | 5,335
11 Nov 2014 #7
there is a possibility that the court will not allow for divorce if it is going to harm the well-being of the children (be it economical or psychological) - my advice is hire a good lawyer - not showing up in court will not stop the court from ruling a divorce (I know my mother was divorcing my dad and he didn't show up)
25 Nov 2014 #8
You should ask to some legal adviser who handles these immigration, divorce cases. They will give you the correct advice for your problem.

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