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Preparations for Leaving Poland and ZUS/NFZ insurance

mike55 2 | 2
25 May 2016 #1
I studied in Poland for two years. During that time I was paying to ZUS/NFZ for health insurance. Also, at the moment I have a residence card valid till the end of this year.

I'd like to know..
Do I have to cancel my ZUS/NFZ insurance or I can just stop paying it? (if yes, can it be done via internet?)
Do I have to return the residence card?

Any other common legal issues that one need to take care of before leaving the country?
zzap - | 2
5 Jun 2016 #2
You have to cancel the insurance if you are moving out of the country
dhanolavera - | 1
19 Mar 2018 #3

Wondering the formalities you have undergone before you left Poland?
OP mike55 2 | 2
19 Mar 2018 #4
I did nothing while being in Poland.
After I had left, I sent e-mail to NFZ and Urząd Wojewódzki.
NFZ asked for: a document from University confirming that I don't study there anymore, confirmation of all payments made to ZUS and request for termination of the contract (a form found on their website). Later, they sent me confirmation that agreement is terminated.

Urząd Wojewódzki asked me to notify them in order to revoke my residence permission and to return my residence card in person or by post. I asked them if there a possibility to return it to Polish embassy, but haven't got any clear answer. Since my card has already expired, I haven't done anything.

While in the airport, upon passport check before leaving I was asked to show my residence card (since I was in Poland much longer than 3 month).

So in the end, there was nothing that can't be done by e-mail or by post.

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