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Personal contents insurance in Poland?

Forfour44 9 | 94
19 Sep 2012 #1

Does anyone know of a company what insures personal contents, Like TV, Fridge, washer, and other items you have around the house?
For people who are renting and do not own the flat/house.

We have lots of companies in the UK who do this. I need one in Poland who offer accidental damage cover.

Cardno85 31 | 976
23 Oct 2013 #2
Can I just bump this up. I rent and have looked around for contents insurance. It seems that there is such a thing but only if you are the homeowner. I would like to be able to cover the cost of electronics and other items incase something should happen (like it did in the last place). I have good security here both in the flat (metal shutters, solid door with multiple locks, etc), and in the main building (know the neighbours, always lit and CCTV) but I would feel better if, in the worst case scenario, I could claim back the costs of certain items in the flat that would be too expensive to replace out of pocket.

Anyone know if any company does this, and if so, any reccommendations?

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