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Permanent resident in both US and Poland

30 Oct 2014 #1
We are considering hiring, part time, a person whom we have learned has 'permanent' residency in Poland, but also permanent residency here in the U.S. They collect disability (and possibly retirement) benefits in Poland that go directly to a Polish bank, and collect Social Security here. Is this legal in Poland? Is it legal here? What administrative entity in Poland do I contact to verify? Thanks.
jon357 72 | 21,383
30 Oct 2014 #2
I don't know about your country, but it's legal in Poland as far as retirement benefits are concerned. Disability benefits often have a limit to the amount you can earn however if the person is legally receiving the money outside Poland this is probably not an issue and in any case the amounts are low. Any administrative entity in Poland would almost certainly not even respond to contact from you - Polish privacy laws are very strict.
OP Detroit1
30 Oct 2014 #3
Thanks for the quick response. I suppose what I'm getting at is, is it legal in Poland to claim permanent residency (and get any benefits that go along with that) when ALSO claiming permanent residency in the U.S.? I don't want to hire someone who is a scammer. It doesn't seem possible for a person to be a permanent resident in two countries. For instance, I know here in the U.S. a person can only claim one state as their state of residence (for tax purposes).
Justin 86
30 Oct 2014 #4
A person can be permanent resident in as many countries and collect pension from all countries as he has paid into it. There is no illegal thing in it
jon357 72 | 21,383
31 Oct 2014 #5
Justin is right. Unless the benefit is income based (i.e. means tested) there isn't any issue.

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