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Permanent Residence in Poland for running business?

DarkSouls 2 | 1
6 Dec 2019 #1
If I want to open a business there, can anyone help me know more about how I can Acquire a permanent residence and maybe even a citizenship on the long run?

I've heard If I had a good business that affects polish economy in a positive way, I would be able to get residence immediately? or after 5 years?
Lyzko 37 | 8,544
6 Dec 2019 #2
Which country are you from, better still, in which country do you currently reside legally? Best to learn some Polish before undertaking a lengthy stay:-) Especially these days, even neighboring white Europeans, except for those with unusually deep pockets, aren't exactly welcome as outsiders in Poland.

Not wishing to discourage your, merely to draw your attention to potential problems. Good luck!
6 Dec 2019 #3
You can get long-term residence after 5 years if you have a stable source of income and you pass Polish language test at B-level. There is no fast track for business owners/investors.
terri 1 | 1,664
7 Dec 2019 #4
It is better to go and speak to someone in the office and get the information first hand.

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