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Pepper Spray Legality in Poland

imano 10 | 42
31 Dec 2013 #1
I'm a young black male studying in Poland. I've been in Poland for approximately 2 years now and I live in Wroclaw.

When I go out at night I usually meet some racists and people who are unhappy that I'm black and living in this country.

I don't know why but that's their problem. My problem is I can't own a gun or any weapon when some of these guys get

really out of control.

Few days ago, I was attacked by one bouncer in Pasaz Niepolda. I was standing outside [Just STANDING!!] when one bouncer
walked towards me and started screaming shouting stuff like "wypierdalaj stąd..." I COMPLETELY ignored him so he felt he
was talking to a brick wall. I didn't react. I realised the other bouncers where standing just few meters away waiting for me to

react so we can start a fight. But that's not what I want. I don't want to fight anyone over stupid reasons like they're black, green or blue.

This bouncer pushed really hard expecting I'd fall trying to provoke me. Then he hit me REALLY hard in the face that
for a couple of hours I couldn't feel my face. That has be my first real physical attack in Poland. Usually they insult me...but I don't

care about that.

Is it legal for me to have a pepper spray with me here in Poland. Will I need any permission to use it. And if in self-defence, I spray

some ****, will I have problems with the law?

I don't want to hurt anyone, just in the same way I would hate someone to hit me for NO REASON.
InWroclaw 89 | 1910
31 Dec 2013 #2
Did you report that bouncer to the police? Did you have a witness? Is it all on CCTV?

I note from an earlier thread that you want to be a boxer. But, outside of the ring, rather than 'teaching anyone a lesson' the best thing if someone's troublesome is to get away from them, then call the police. If you retaliate when you could simply get away, it can simply make you look at fault. You can later smile to yourself that you showed very mature restraint in the face of provocation, and keep your good name and boxing licence.

Bouncers in London, if I recall, can be similarly unpleasant. Since you mention skin colour, I will tell you a true story: In London in the 90s, myself and a black friend went to a normal nightclub. The black bouncers on the door wouldn't let us in. One challenged me to a fight, when I protested. My black friend either seriously or jokingly stated loudly that it was because he was black. We then went somewhere else and had a great time at an equally good club that admitted us with no problem whatsoever.

OK, you didn't want a lecture. In a nutshell: I am sorry to read of your experience. I urge you to promptly call the police (997/112) if anyone gets physical with you, and to also bear in mind that I know for 100% sure similar stuff happens in many parts of London by doormen/ochrona/security of British and foreign background. You can probably carry some concentrations of CS spray in Poland in most public places but I think using it is not without legal consequences. Far better to back off and call the boys in blue, that's their job, and I'd give them a chance to do it.

Have a good 2014 and good NYE :o)

(PS CS/pepper sprays and similar are not legal in the UK, of course.)
31 Dec 2013 #3
imano, by walking away and not reporting this crime you are encouraging these types of attacks in the future. Poland has given you a visa to study and live here, you have the same rights to walk freely and safely on the streets of Wroclaw as any other citizen of the city. Do not be afraid to use the law but do not take the law into your own hands.There are associations in Poland you can seek advice from regarding being a victim of racist crimes pm me your name and telephone number and I will arrange for someone to speak to you.

Good luck and stop being a victim.
31 Dec 2013 #4
Pepper spray is legal so are tazers get the most powerful tazer you can find and just shock the twats on the side of the head job done and just remember that these people are the lowest form of pond life that's why they spend so much time on steroids to give them an excuse for having a tiny penis
jon357 73 | 23043
31 Dec 2013 #5
get the most powerful tazer you can find and just shock the twats

Tazers maybe legal - shocking 'twats' may not be so legal.

they spend so much time on steroids to give them an excuse for having a tiny penis

Very true.

But be careful - police are often similarly badly endowed (some say that's why people join) and the OP should be careful not to play with fire.
31 Dec 2013 #6
I would be very wary of using pepper spray, I have see it used several times and usually it ends up affecting everyone in the immediate vicinity, including the person who uses it. So because of the risk of gassing yourself in a dangerous situation, you may well actually put yourself in more danger. Regarding the taser, again be very wary of using a taser since if you pull a weapon chances your aggressors will as well.

As for your unfortunate incident, nightclub security in Poland is in the dark ages, it is populated by thugs and psychos. I have seen bouncers in Poland punch Polish people for no reason what so ever, yes racism was obviously a factor in you getting assaulted but generally a lot of these bouncers are ********. If a bouncer takes a dislike to you at his place of work, you have two options, the reality based one, where you leave the premises and forget about the miserable encounter or, you train yourself up to be Bruce Lee and just batter all the security and intimidate them into paying you protection money.

In real life you walk away.
24 Apr 2017 #7
I am a young Irish girl, came to Poland with my Polish fiance for a two week holiday. Saturday gone by we went to some club where I was pepper sprayed and taken by the hair outside the club, my Fiance was taken away by 3 maybe 4 men in some sort of room, they kicked and boxed him until some woman seen it and start to scream. I love Poland and IV been coming here for many years,but this has never happened to me or my fiance before. We went to the police station and told them everything that had happened. I don't know what they are going to do but my fiance ended up in hospital.

Can anyone tell me is nightclub bouncers allowed to have and use pepper spray?
Riax 1 | 1
31 Aug 2017 #8
Polish police are useless, it's best just to avoid there types of situations.

I was once on my way home carrying shopping when I entered the stairwell if the block I lived in. The guy living in the ground floor set upon me, long story short with me bleeding from the head, and the other guy untouched and grinning with his mother who came out later said I had broken in......

Both stunk of alcohol, the police declared it was a civil matter and there was nothing I could do, despite my protest and overwhelming evidence including the call to the police during the beating.
jon357 73 | 23043
1 Sep 2017 #9
the police declared it was a civil matter and there was nothing I could do, despite my protest and overwhelming evidence including the call to the police during the beating.

Have you considered going again, with a Polish speaking (and very assertive) friend, or getting legal assistance.

You would certainly be entitled to criminal compensation, however you need to go to a doctor to get proof of injuries, and you must do this right away - it could be too late already. When did it happen?

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