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Offshore company incorporated abroad, but residing in Poland

zizi 2 | 8
21 Oct 2010 #1
Hello. If an offshore consultancy company is registered and incorporated in a foreign country with double taxation with Poland, wants to practice/reside in Poland; are there any objections in general? are there any specific rules for offshore companies? are there any local taxes to pay, or just the taxes at the company's home country?
21 Oct 2010 #2
That will all depend on a number of factors, such as which country the company is from, exactly what it will be doing in Poland, how it will be done, who will be doing it, what that person normally does, lots of things.

You need to speak to a tax advisor who specialises in such things.
OP zizi 2 | 8
21 Oct 2010 #3
Thanks Harry for the post.

Well, we are a young architecture studio, having our offshore consultancy firm based in our home country in Lebanon. I will be residing in Poland from begining of next year as i just got married to a polish citizen, and i want to conduct my business there (drafting, drawing, rendering,...). I am aware that our work is a licensed, profession and so to work on local polish projects we need to have license. But at the moment, and for the first couple of years, we will not be working on local polish buildings, as we will be working on projects out in Lebanon and elsewhere, up to the design stage (no construction, no signing permits).

For, i am interested to know if we can have a small office there, hire polish architects or expats; and doing so , what will be our tax duties: same as polish taxes towards other companies/individuals? or as the offshore company's regulations back home in Lebanon (pretty low and affordable)? will the income/benefits/salaries paid to our workers/architects in Poland be under the polish tax law or the lebanese offshore company tax law in Lebanon?

21 Oct 2010 #4
Reading your post, I understand what you are looking to achieve, Harry has already mentioned you need to seek the advise of a tax specialist, my opinion-not advise, would be to forget about bringing the Lebanese company onshore, I would incorp a Spolka Komanytowy in your wife's name to operate the business in Poland,ółka_komandytowa you can work for the polish company on a consultancy basis, having your expenses paid for, but still being a employee of the Lebanese company, but if you are going to go for residency/EU passport, you will have to bite the bullet and pay your taxes in Poland. You can't have your cake and eat it ZIZI.
ShawnH 8 | 1,503
23 Oct 2010 #6
There is a little box below his post to the far right "SEND PM". Click on it and a message screen will open up. This is a Private Message, only accessible to Zizi.
trans_opacity - | 4
23 Oct 2010 #7
yes i know but seems his profile is set to the option of not accepting PMs
ShawnH 8 | 1,503
23 Oct 2010 #8
True. I guess you've got to wait until he shows back up here. Make sure your PM setting is not set that way as well.
OP zizi 2 | 8
23 Oct 2010 #10
TRANS, u can send PM now, it is activated.
Panalex - | 4
19 Oct 2011 #11
Lebanon is not usually considered offshore but it is international.
In another country the local branch of the Lebanese country would be taxed on all its income from where it operates, which is likely to happen with Polish operations.
latter - | 1
4 Jan 2012 #12
Well, as already mentioned here, you will want to consult a local tax adviser, that said you may look into the incorporation of a company in Cyprus who has DTA's in place with Poland that if used correctly can help you reducing the tax burden.

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