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Obtaining a work visa/permit for non-EU resident (Ukrainian) in Poland?

Marius 1 | 33
25 Mar 2014 #1
Hi all,

I'm a EU (Dutch) national, registered resident in Warsaw (zameldowany). I have a NIP and PESEL.

I have my company, which is also registered also in Poland - with REGON, etc., since over 4 years.

I want to hire an employee for my company from a non-EU country, namely Ukraine.

Can someone help me to explain what are the related procedures, regulations, requirements and costs of obtaining a work permit for this person?

And which time period can I expect this procedure to take?

I hope someone here has some experience with this situation that can help me forward a bit. Thanks in advance!
25 Mar 2014 #2
Depends what kind of position and for how long, some posts don't require a work permit for Ukrainians.
OP Marius 1 | 33
25 Mar 2014 #3
For which posts Ukrainians don't need a work permit?

It will be for a one year period.
25 Mar 2014 #4
For only a year they might not need a permit at all, regardless of the position. Sorry but I'm not 100% certain for the rules outside agriculture and language teaching. There's more info:

The construction season started in Poland and many employers in our region try to employ Ukrainian workers without permit. One of the employers is threatened penalty in the amount of 3000 PLN. What can you do to hire an Ukrainian legally?

It turns out that the employment of an employee from the Eastern border for a specified period is not too complicated. More paperwork you need to get with the employment of a foreigner for a period of three years.

-There is no longer a police operation. It took labor inspection . If during the inspection of a particular employer the authority will determine that the company employs Ukrainian worker without a permit, it will be fined 3,000 zlotys - says David Baran of the District Labour Inspectorate in Rzeszów, Poland.

From another post:

Obtaining work permit based on self-employment in Poland

My friend just obtained karta pobytu. He would like to get work permit based on self-employment. He's a non-EU citizen.
Is it possible for him? If so, what does he need to do?

If he posses "karta pobytu" he is eligible for establishing his own firm in Poland like every Polish citizen.

migrant info pl/conducting-business-activity-in-poland-by-foreigners.html
migrant info pl/conducting-business-activity-individually-self-employment.html
OP Marius 1 | 33
25 Mar 2014 #5
and language teaching

So, how about the rules for language teaching then? That could apply, as I'm in the translation/training sector.
Monitor 13 | 1,816
26 Mar 2014 #6
No work permit is only for employing Ukrainians for up to 6 months work per year. I think it's regardless of position. Foreign language teachers don't need work permit when they teach their native language, but only in public schools in Poland.

If you are ready to pay more than 4079,31 złotych per month and sign agreement for 1 year then they can get Blue Card work permit (permit for professionals).

Check flyers here:

If work permit is needed then you have to apply for Permit A, pay some fee (100zł) and Wojewoda will have to decide weather the salary is not lower than average for employees on this position and that there are not many unemployed Poles suitable for performing this work or that you were searching for local employee for this position without success (I think to do that you give job offer to PUP and after some time get confirmation that nobody applied):

No work permit is needed if foreigner graduated University in Poland.
OP Marius 1 | 33
26 Mar 2014 #7
Thanks, Monitor and Harry, for the useful info and links. I've read it all and it has been very helpful.

I found that there are actually companies specialized in taking care of the documentation and bureaucracy of procedures for hiring non-EU employees, obviously for a fee.

I think I will hire one of them to safe myself a lot of hassle and time going thru the whole procedure.

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