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Obtaining comments to Polish legislation (trying to arrange wedding in Poland)

rm4405 1 | 3
28 Jan 2013 #1
Hi all

I'm in the process of trying to arrange a wedding in Poland. I am a British citizen currently living in the UK, and have been told that in order to marry in Poland, I need to provide a "certificate of no impediment" that proves I am not already married etc. All of this is fine.

The certificate that I will get from the UK does not have an expiry date. We have been told by the registry office in Lublin, Poland, that this means they will treat the certificate as having 3 months' validity. We have been told by a friend, however, that there is legislation setting out that this period should in fact be 6 months.

The wording is in the comments to Article 56 of the legislation known as "Dz.U. 2011 nr 212 poz. 1264". A copy of the legislation (without comments) can be found at

Does anybody know how we can obtain a copy of the exact wording in these comments, so that we can show them to the registry office to prove they are wrong?

Thanks in advance for your help.

28 Jan 2013 #2
what is the problem
you have three months after obtaining the certificate to submit the documents to the usc

no problem
OP rm4405 1 | 3
29 Jan 2013 #3
The problem is that 3 months isn't long enough! By the time we have got the certificate dated 3 months before our wedding date, flown to Poland, got the certificate translated and got to the registry office, it will only be 2.5 months to our wedding date. The registry office accepts bookings from Polish couples from about 3.5 months before the ceremony date, so we are worried we won't be able to obtain a ceremony on the date we want if everyone else books in before we do...

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