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Non E U. looking to retire in Poland, seeking permanent resident permit.

2008sworks 1 | -
1 Feb 2014 #1
Hello All:

I was wondering what is the best way for someone who is Non E U , from Canada who is retired , to seek permanent resident status in Poland.

Thanking you in advance
Monitor 14 | 1,820
1 Feb 2014 #2
- getting EU passport of one of EU countries through ancestors
- marriage
- buying property in one of EU countries which give staying permit for that
- In view countries a person who opens company can get visa
li yung
4 Feb 2014 #3
I married to Polish man I have karta pobytu if I buy property I will get. Passport easily
4 Feb 2014 #4
No more easily than if you didn't.
gleite 6 | 38
13 Jul 2015 #5
Merged: Saving for retirement (a blog)

Totally recommend for you to read more details about retirement in Poland!

Wroclaw Boy
13 Jul 2015 #6
Seing as you wrote that i decided to read it and now i know why you wrote it.
jon357 72 | 21,356
13 Jul 2015 #7
A good article, though more specifics about products would be welcome as well as the implications of doing it outside the grasp of the Polish (or other) taxman which the naive would benefit from information about.
Pol attorney
13 Jul 2015 #8
There are a few legal ways to get a residence permit in Poland -- one of them would be to marry a Polish citizen or start business operations In Poland.

Anyway, I can advise you specifically what to do in this situation because I am a lawyer based in Poland.

Gujar - | 1
13 Dec 2015 #9
Merged: Retirement and where to settel in Poland

I am thinking to settell in Poland after retirement , Can any one advise me about my thought. I am Muslim though.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,331
13 Dec 2015 #10
We thoroughly recommend it.

You can buy large properties in Poland for not very much money. The weak złoty also helps to ensure that your retirement fund goes further. You also won't have any problems, as Poles are very welcome to foreigners despite the nonsense you might read on here by a handful of frustrated Poles that had to move abroad because they couldn't find work here.
Wroclaw1010 3 | 91
13 Dec 2015 #11
Hahahaaaa that just go me rolling on my bed like a madman.

What I read here is entirely different from what I experience here on daily basis. Poles have a special place in my heart ;)
14 Dec 2015 #12
I am thinking to settell in Poland after retirement

Go to Saudi Arabia and stop infesting Europe with your crappy backwards religion of Islam.
14 Dec 2015 #13
No - go to Germany instead. Poland needs affluent and hard-working Germany-born taxpayers who may relocate to Poland when their social system and job market collapses :
MoOli 9 | 480
30 Oct 2018 #14
[moved from]

If you speak Polish,Poland is best place to retire.I at one time was also thinking to buy a small senior home for us and couple of friends.
dolnoslask 6 | 2,986
30 Oct 2018 #15
Poland is best place to retire

Yeah I agree, but every five or so years I need a change of scenery, the project here is almost complete and I need challenges to keep me awake.
Dougpol1 32 | 2,673
30 Oct 2018 #16
Rubbish. Easy to say when you are not old. Poland is too cold for 5 months of the year for retirees.
If you can afford winter months away, in NJ say.... then you are not really a retiree in Poland...
dolnoslask 6 | 2,986
30 Oct 2018 #17
Correct I will then fall into that category, I have a couple lined up to live in my house, I will just be a visitor as such.
MoOli 9 | 480
30 Oct 2018 #18
Not if you have a senior home with indoor,pool,sauna,hot tub and maybe racquetball court or tennis court.But again Doug a guy like you who has to slog to pay his bills from 6.30 AM in the age of over 60 cannot even imagine that some smart people retire at 44 with high 6 figure incomes.
johnny reb 46 | 7,076
30 Oct 2018 #19
If you can afford winter months away, in NJ say....

New Jersey !
That is the arm pit of the United States and cold in the winter.
I am looking at spending a couple of months at Orange Beach Alabama this winter since Florida has the red tide problem.
Poland's winter weather is definitely not friendly for anyone over 65.
MoOli 9 | 480
30 Oct 2018 #20
If you can afford winter months away, in NJ say.

NJ and Poland have almost similar weather some years even colder.
Dougpol1 32 | 2,673
30 Oct 2018 #21
I would love all that but am too much of a boring person to ever appreciate it. I had a very spoiled childhood, where my father took me to country hotels and spas, and fancy restaurants. On expenses.

Now I love camping ( Hilleberg tents), listening to my LP collection of 50 years, and walking with the labradors. I wouldn't have the energy or will for the good life that you describe. And I wouldn't have tolerated, or been tolerated by, some of the ******** that you obviously had to lick on your way to such success.


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