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New Large Hospitals and Airports in Poland to be built in 2013-15?

natalia_kor 1 | 3
27 Mar 2012 #1
Hello, I am a student of University of Technology and am writing a diploma.
Could you please kindly advise me what large hospitals and airports are being planned to be built in Poland in 2013-2015?
Thank you very much in advance.
Kind regards,
Alligator - | 261
30 Mar 2012 #2
In 2013 new airport will be built in Radom. Here you have link:
Here is link which might be useful to you:
OP natalia_kor 1 | 3
2 Apr 2012 #3
Thank you very much for your reply, very helpful links.
Could you please kindly advise me on the source of the fact that a new airport will be built in Radom, as the last update I could find in open sources is dated back to 2008, with no up-to-date news on planning permissions... Many thanks! Kind regards, Natalia
Alligator - | 261
2 Apr 2012 #4
The idea of building airport in Radom dates back to 2000. City authorities tried to find moneys and permissions for investition. They have now both and will start building soon. Here is article about the final permission from Civil Aviation Office:

The authorization to establish a civil airport in Radom was issued on Friday by the president of the Civil Aviation Authority - told PAP the ULC spokesman Katarzyna Krasnodębska. The creation of the airport in Radom was planned by the local authorities for 12 years.

Civil airport in Radom is expected to be created on the basis of the existing military airport Radom - Sadków. The airport will be managed by the Airport Radom SA company

Krasnodębska said that the Radom airport in order to start a business, must still obtain from the Civil Aviation Authority the certification and authorization to manage.,w_radomiu_powstanie_nowe_lotnisko_cywilne_wladze_otrzymaly_zezwolenie.html

Here is article about building hospitals in Poland, projects, money, problems with law etc. It's in Polish and it's long, so I hope that you can read it ;)

The report published by the Ministry of Health in August 2008 show that the average level of depreciation of fixed accounting assets of public buildings, hospitals in Poland is 62%. Meanwhile, the experts estimate that if the value of the building is no longer amortized at 40%, then it is eligible for the vast major overhaul. Based on these data, they assume that in order to recreate the hospital infrastructure in our system, must be spent for the year 2016 approx. 14 billion zł.
To what extent directors of hospitals were able to cope with this problem, where to get the funds for the modernization and which architectural solutions they can use - this was discussed during one of the sessions of VII Market Forum Health.,114619,drukuj.html
OP natalia_kor 1 | 3
3 Apr 2012 #5
thank you ! By the way, Google Translate free service helps a lot in the translation from/to various languages !..
3 Apr 2012 #6
There is a new Airport being finished this year in September Lublin and there is an English section there dating each stage. The Polish part has more information and if you use Google Chrome it will translate the page for you if you set it up in settings.

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