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A new car from Poland - Romet 4E

pgtx 29 | 3,136
11 Oct 2010 #1
A new, Polish, electric, microcar from Dębica. Production will start next year.
4E - Electric, Economic, Ecologic, Easy.

- for 2 people

- 2,45m long

- 2 BLDC engines of 5,4 KM power

- 100km for ~10 zloty

- no driver license necessary

- price: 6-7 thousand euro
Polonius3 983 | 12,333
11 Oct 2010 #2
If no driving licence is necessary then the car surely cannot be used on normal city streets and motorways but must be restricted to private enclosed areas such as farms or estates or used as a beach buggy or park vehicle.

A few years ago a similar micro car called the Clic was annouced in Poladn, but (unfortunately as usual) nothing came of it.
BTW, one thing has always intrigued me. The electric cars have to be recharged and that takes time. Why can't pterol stations also feature battery-exchange sections, where the weakening battery would be replaced with a fully charged on. That would help ecologically safe elecrtic cars take off.

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