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Net earnings after tax in Poland

roonstar 1 | 2
10 Feb 2013 #1
hi i am about to start a job in krakow, it is entry level and my gross monthly salary is 3600pln, how much will that be net? and is this enough to survive, i will only be on this wage for 6-12 months..

any help regarding this question is greatly appreciated.
pawian 223 | 24,567
10 Feb 2013 #2
2700. Yes, enough to survive but saving something for the future might be difficult.
phtoa 9 | 236
11 Feb 2013 #3
and is this enough to survive,

If let's say you rent a room outside city center or so for 700ZL pr. month
That leaves you with 2000ZL pr. month
You'll do okay, but no crazy life style.
OP roonstar 1 | 2
17 Feb 2013 #5
thankyou i am not planning on saving yet as i am told if i keep going the way i am then promotion will be rapid and within 2 years should be on around 6000pln gross so its a case of survival until then,
phtoa 9 | 236
18 Feb 2013 #6
Yea we all heard that one before.
Don't expect it buddy. Will you be working in the BPO industry? Outsourcing?
OP roonstar 1 | 2
18 Feb 2013 #7
yeah had a chat with my boss today lol, seems it will be slower in krakow than in england due to the size of the centre there and the fact there are twice as many people waiting for promotion, it looks like i will be waiting a year or two longer unless i want to stay in england and get promotion, best i can hope for is maybe 4500, in around 2 years and thats if i am lucky, dreams dashed but worth it for the life experience.

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