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Moving to Poland and start a business

RyanJenkins 1 | -
25 Mar 2013 #1

Me and my polish wife and son are moving back to Poland in a few months time. We going to help our out mother- inlaw and great granny I have been made redundant with no help from the UK government we now want our support structure back.

I am a well educated IT Professional, I have read its not easy getting a English job in Poland, so instead I want to look at starting a business. I have no intention of starting a School. I was thinking of a supermarket or partner in with someone with a good idea. I am hoping to bring jobs or a job to Poland, instead of the normal take take take people.

My polish is weak and plan to study like mad when in Poland to learn Polish.

Any recommendations and costs of starting a business.
Location is Lodz but if the idea is good we can move andd just drive to Mother inlaw over the weekend.

Bikerjenko 2 | 28
25 Mar 2013 #2
Hi Ryan,

Good luck,

Another "Jenkins" in Poland!!!!! I am ex Middlesbrough/Doncaster, now living in Tomaszow Mazowiecki, about an hour from Lodz.

I hope to start motorcycle tours of Poland in 2014.

Get in touch when you are settled.


Colin Jenkins
jon357 72 | 21,127
26 Mar 2013 #3

Wow. How many of us ex-Donny people are there in Poland? I can think of 3 in Warsaw.

We're colonising the place.
Monitor 14 | 1,820
26 Mar 2013 #4
Well educated IT Professional shouldn't have problem finding English speaking job in Poland, as long as he is good programmer, and can apply to any city in the country. If you want to open yet another supermarket then better with some cheap British products which somehow are not here yet.
26 Mar 2013 #5
I am hoping to bring jobs or a job to Poland, instead of the normal take take take people.

As you are looking for feedback on living in Poland and starting a business, this is a subject I am experienced in so here is my two-penneth.

Firstly save your money and invest it wisely it has taken you long enough to build your nest egg, you can get reasonable interest rates in Poland, so there may be a small monthly income for you there.

Secondly, it is always better to learn at another persons expense, so be prepared to take any job you can get in Poland and learn about Poland and its culture from the inside.

Thirdly always be on the look out for opportunity and business, when you have found a project which has good long term prospects, research and then research the market some more, you can never do enough R & D.

Good luck with the move.
26 Mar 2013 #6

Should you need any business advice / support in Poland - you can contact those guys: - Poland Zalewski Consulting.
I am an Angol, they helped me with my Polish company. They do general business consulting, company formation, accounting, whatever you may need when entering Polish market. They also offer business feasibility study. So you can ask them to analyze if your business idea is likely to work in Polish reality.

Wroclaw Boy
26 Mar 2013 #7
So you can ask them to analyze if your business idea is likely to work in Polish reality.

whats makes them the experts? are they millionaires?
Bikerjenko 2 | 28
8 Apr 2013 #8
What does it say about Doncaster!!!!
peterweg 37 | 2,319
8 Apr 2013 #9
In Lodz? Is that economically depressed and losing population?

I think you should investigate a location long and hard. I

IT jobs are in Warsaw, Krakow and Wroclaw; if you setup a business a high paying job to fall back on is very useful. Pay someone a fifth of you wage to sit in a shop.

What are your IT skills?
CJ2a - | 3
8 Apr 2013 #10
i tell you what mate you would do well in a english shop think about it the polish go nuts for our tea i know as i live in the bieszczady and they like a lot of our other foods simple things for expats also mint sauce proper gravey start out by going over with a truck load of tea bags and have a lil lookksy on allegro (polski ebay) and think of things unique to british food and bring it in, proper banana milk shake mix and other flavours just think and you will soon come up with more and more
irishlodz 1 | 135
8 Apr 2013 #11
HI Ryan,

Try Infosys and SWS for jobs. With an IT back ground you should have a fair shot at work, even without Polish.,6,0.html

both are hiring as far as I know.
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,161
8 Apr 2013 #12
Yes, IT is one of few branches when one can realistically search for a job without speaking Polish.
14 Aug 2013 #13
I would add Szczecin in a second line, as there are some IT companies (mostly from Scandinavia) and more are coming (city seems to be focused on this sector as a lot of office complexes are in construction, and most of space is sold for IT companies). As Poznan, Wroclaw, Krakow and Warsaw must be your first choice, Szczecin should come in consideration as well. Small distance and great connection with Berlin and Scandinavia might be important in case of your own business, now or in future.
7 Jan 2017 #14

Return to Wroclaw before Brexit to open a business

In 2007 I received my NIP and PESEL plus a form: 'potwierdzenie, zameldowania na pobyt czasowy'.

I want to return and open a business this year. I'm from the UK but live in Australia right now.

Does someone know if I have to restart the NIP, PESEL, residency processes?

Or is there a different method now?
terri 1 | 1,664
7 Jan 2017 #15
Your NIP and PESEL remain the same. However, tou may need to start the process of 'zameldowanie' from the beginning, as before you only had a 'temporary' zameldowanie (residency permit).
7 Jan 2017 #16
And then a 5 year wait it seems.


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