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Motorbike registration / insurance in Poland, if I'm not living there

Joe Cool 1 | 1
4 Sep 2012 #1
Hi you all, my first message here :)

I'm thinking about to buy a used Harley from Poland (in Polish registry). Keep it in EU registry, but not take this now to my home country inside EU. The reason for this is the usage of this bike in central Europe, I like to fly somewhere there and ride around there, few times / year.

Now my question is, can I keep it in Polish registry, if I don't live in Poland, just visit there?

I know, I should have a registered address in Poland to do this, but what is this " registered address" in practice?
Is it just the address, what I write on papers there, my friends address for example? Then papers about this bike come there and he can send these to me.

Or does it have to be something more "official" ?
Richfilth 6 | 415
5 Sep 2012 #2
It has to be something official; the owner of the property needs to take a copy of his ownership papers to a local government office, along with some sort of contract giving you the right to live there (a rental contract, for example) plus your ID. Depending on the type of ID you have your "registered address" will be valid for a certain length of time. If you are an EU citizen you will receive three months using just your passport.
OP Joe Cool 1 | 1
5 Sep 2012 #3
Thanks a lot. It feels quite complicated then.

I found from some other thread here, where someone wrote about part ownership of vehicle.
A Polish citizen should own a part of bike and then he/she can make registration and get insurance. Is it then possible, that the other owner/owners could be EU citizens without address in Poland?
9 Jul 2019 #4

Polish insurance for an Italian motorbike/car

Cześć everyone,

I brought my bike to Poland for 4 months, I haven't used it for a while so I stopped my insurance in Italy long time ago.

I wan't to ride it here in Poland, however, I need a new insurance.
It is possible to insure a motorcycle/car (I mean "OC") with Italian/other license plates in a Polish company, like PZU or something?

Thank you,
gumishu 11 | 5,449
9 Jul 2019 #5

it is impractical to insure in Poland a vehicle with foreing plates (you can insure it only for a 30 day period after which you are expected to register the vehicle in Poland) - if you are staying in Poland for the foreseeable future you should consider registering your motorbike in Poland

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