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Can I get married in Poland with this student visa pending?

Mufaro 1 | 1
21 Jun 2012 #1
Please help..Iam currently living in poland and was studying. I had a student visa which expired but have permission to stay in the country while a consideration of my renewal for another student visa is being made. Iam African, and have a Polish girlfriend who has offered to get married to me so I can stay here. I am a bit reluctant to go down this route but I do love her very much. The immigration are asking that my fees should be fully paid for 3years for them to extend my visa oe else they will refuse it.

Can I get married with this visa pending???? please help. All advise is welcome.
21 Jun 2012 #2
You probably can. However, whether getting married would help you stay in the country if your current appeal is rejected or not is another matter.

Can you not find somebody who will guarantee the payment of your school fees (I assume you can't actually pay the fees in full right now)?
OP Mufaro 1 | 1
21 Jun 2012 #3
Hi Harry,

My sister in UK has provided the gurantee of fees payment but they are not playing ball, they asked me to provide evidence fees payment in full and I don't have that kind of money. I have enough to live on for 6 months but I receive regular monies from my sisters for my up keep. The immigration people have given me time to provide this evidence and I know I won't be able to provide this evidence. If I can marry my girlfriend in the next few weeks I don't know if i will have a chance.
21 Jun 2012 #4
A guarantee in what form? And addressed to whom? Have you spoken to your college and asked them what they can do for you? I'd assume that they want to keep a fee-paying student, so ask them what they can do for you (e.g. will they accept a guarantee from your sister and advise immigration that your fees have been settled to their satisfaction). Failing that, can your sister counter-sign or guarantee (or take out) a loan for you to pay the fees with?

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