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B2B marketing/selling advice need - how to ... in Poland

donfre 2 | 3
21 Apr 2012 #1
How do I best get through the door in polish companies?

This is only an example, not my business:

Product: some energysaving device
Price: base 2000 pln
Savings: 25 % per unit
ROI: 6 months
A production with 200 employees would like buy 20 units.
Service added.
Installation included - plug and play.

Policy: No cure no pay. If the customer is not satisfied or doesnt get the savings promised - money back guarantee.

So how would this play out?

Offline marketing: direct sales, ads?, networking? referal? mouth to mouth etc
Online marketing: facebook, twitter blogs? (SEO and adwords ofc)

Should I choose to have salespeople employed, what is your experience? Pros and cons. Whats the polish employee mentality to selling?

The brand is a noname, the techspec is fairly easy to understand, the savings relatively easy to show and people should get the feel of it being in the rigth time and the rigth thing to do - eco eco.

Just spit out your ideas and experiences.
30 Jul 2012 #2
We are exporters of biomass raw materials like palm kernel shells, coconut shells, wood chips, saw dust and firewood.

If you know interested buyer, do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

We do hope to hear from you soon.

Best Regards!

Emmanuel E.

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