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How long can one stay out of Poland for them to cancel your permanent card of 10 years

31 Mar 2011 #1
I haved permanent card for 10 years to settle in Poland but am always wondering how long can I stay out of Poland so my permanent residence card is not cancelled... any advice guys...thanks
JonnyM 11 | 2,621
31 Mar 2011 #2
What country are you from? The rules for people of different citizenships vary.
OP TopEagle
31 Mar 2011 #3
I am US citizen and married a polish woman in US,we have been married 16 years and have 2 kids who are also dual citgizens besiides my wife and i only have a permanent Polish residence card
delphiandomine 85 | 18,359
1 Apr 2011 #4
It's of no relevance - as the spouse of an EU citizen, you have an automatic right to residency anywhere in the EU. In terms of Poland, you can obtain citizenship after 6 months residency actually within Poland.
OP TopEagle
1 Apr 2011 #5
Can you please tell me how?as I want to apply..i have had 2 2 years of residency permit and just got 10 year permanent residency card and am thinking to get citizenship and then apply for polish passport for eu residency,,,thx
13 Dec 2016 #6
Merged: Permanent EU residence status after moving out of Poland

Hey People,
I am a non-EU and a "Long term EU Permanent Residence" card holder in Poland, thanks to 6 lovely years spent here. Besides I got married to a nice Polish girl this year too :)!

Recently I got an excellent job offer in Spain, but wonder what happens to my permanent EU residence if I decide to move.
Will I have to relinquish the permanent EU resident status I got in Poland, and take a Spanish temporary residence? Or I will still be a EU permanent resident but with Spanish address? Else?

Any pointers would be of great help.

juny - | 3
27 Dec 2016 #7
Withdrawal of a permanent residence permit.

I am non EU Citizen holding a Polish permanent card of 10 years.
How long can I stay out of Poland before my permanent status been canceled?

Best Regards.

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