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On-line Shopping - Opinions on On-Line Shops In Poland.

Cardno85 31 | 976
29 Jul 2013 #1
Having gone through the search, it would appear lots of people want to open on-line stores in Poland or are looking for specific items. But I felt a more general topic might be useful. So I put it to you all, what on-line shops do you like to use, which do you think are the best for certain items and what would you like there to be a better selection of?

Personally I use, almost exclusively, Allegro and Tesco for more niche products and groceries respectively. I have also used various electronics stores websites for larger items I don't want to lug on the tram.

In the UK I liked Firebox and Amazon. I suppose you could use Allegro similar to Amazon, but the selection isn't quite as good, and foreign products are very expensive (I was looking to buy a couple of issues of Lucky Peach magazine which, for 3 issues on Amazon would be £19.90 including delivery, while I am looking at 77zl for just one issue on Allegro. I haven't seen anything like Firebox or IWOOT here though.

That's a brief recap of what I use, what does everyone else use regularly, like or dislike here?

To Admins, I don't really think the title you have renamed it to reflects what I wanted it to. More appropriate would be Opinions on On-Line Shops In Poland. I am not wanting to specifically ask Polish, or imply that I think Polish people use on-line shops differently. If that could be changed I would appreciate it.
Magdalena 3 | 1,837
1 Aug 2013 #2 is a great online store and it accepts Paypal payments too :-)
local_fela 17 | 172
2 Aug 2013 #3
anything accepting money bookers??

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