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Life in Poland as a single parent

25 Mar 2017 #1
Hey all. So I currently don't live in Poland but I want to. The other parent wants nothing to do with my child but his name is on the birth certificate, which we had both signed at the time.

I was wondering if I would bump into any obstacles because of this whilst in Poland? What things would I need his permission for?
I can apply to court here to be granted sole parental responsibility (he would agree) but it's an expensive process so I won't if it's not necessary
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,854
25 Mar 2017 #2
I think you might need his permission to get a passport.
Wouldn't recommend being a single mother anywhere, to be honest, but sounds like you have no choice.
Good luck x
johnny reb 50 | 7,428
25 Mar 2017 #3
Very good advise, Roz.
Statistics more than prove that a child without a father in their lives have a much tuffer road in life.

it's an expensive process

If he has abandoned the child it may be money well spent.

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