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Leaving Poland before karta pobytu decision

Ammar abed2 1 | 2
20 Feb 2017 #1
I am from iraq
Married to a polish woman
I applied for temporary residence card 2 months ago in warsaw got a stamp on my passport that legalize my stay in poland until now got no response from the foreigners office ,

Now i have to go back to my country for most important things before the decision of my residence
Then apply for new schengen visa in my country and back to poland ( may take 3-4 months )
I would ask what will happened to my application ? They will close it ? They will punish me for that ?
They will not issue a residence card for me anymore ?
Please i am confused and dont know what to do
DominicB - | 2,709
20 Feb 2017 #2
Why are you asking on an anonymous internet forum instead of at the Foreigners Office? Surely they will give you a far better answer.
OP Ammar abed2 1 | 2
20 Feb 2017 #3
Sir , i went to the office and i got no answer
The information desk told me that i can back my country but they have no idea about what will happen to my application , i am here because i hope find someone have such experience

Anyway thanks you
DominicB - | 2,709
20 Feb 2017 #4
The "information desk" told you??? What would they know? Did you ask to speak to the officer handling your case? They would have the answer. No one here is going to be able to give you an answer that means anything. We could guess, but that's all. For example, I would guess that you would have to reapply from the beginning once you return to Poland. However, I don't know how your marriage may affect that. Is your marriage officially registered in Poland?
OP Ammar abed2 1 | 2
20 Feb 2017 #5
I understand you sir
Yes i got marry in poland and registered officially
Talking to the officer who handling my case it seems impossible otherwise illegal
As i know the information desk is the only way to interact with ,
Maybe there is other part in the office that supply such information
Arunb - | 2
19 Feb 2019 #6
Although my date of discission was on feb 4 2019, the online status shows nothing except that you have submitted the document on 11/04/2018, may i know why online status shows nothing ?
19 Feb 2019 #7
because they did nothing

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