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Laws against "Misrepresentation of Goods" in Poland

Sylvio 18 | 139
16 Apr 2016 #1
Does Poland have laws similar to the UK's 1967 Misrepresentation of Goods and Services Act"? : Example1: Fraudulent/negligent statements -
If you entered a contract as a result of a fraudulent or negligent statement you can cancel the contract. You can also claim damages in most cases. These claims are on the basis of negligence or fraud. The person who made the misrepresentation has to disprove the negligence. So for example, if you book a holiday on the basis that it is a holiday where children are not allowed and find that when you arrive the place is overrun with children then this is a clear breach. In the case of goods sold,such as a herbal tea which claims to be natural and pure when is in fact thoroughly synthetic, a court would judge on nature of misrepresentation and losses suffered, and award compensation for loss plus cost of proceedings.
terri 1 | 1,665
16 Apr 2016 #2
First, you yourself would have to sue the offending person/organisation through the civil court and the action could take years.
Remember when you buy something it is 'buyer's beware' and any 'offers' are only counted as an 'invitation to treat'.
OP Sylvio 18 | 139
16 Apr 2016 #3
Ok. Is there an office of a "Government Ombudsman" set up, where people direct complaints, and see their interests protected that way?

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