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Largest Corp In Poland :Polski Koncern Naftowy S.A.

9 Aug 2012 #1
Largest Corporations in Britain:
British Petroleum (BP)

Largest Corporations In America:
JP Morgan Chase
Exxon Mobil
Conoco Philips
Procter & Gamble
Ford Motor
General Motors
Bank of America
Cisco Systems
pawian 222 | 24,365
9 Aug 2012 #3
Largest Corp In Poland

Here is the largest one:
pip 10 | 1,659
11 Aug 2012 #5
how many of them got bail outs? how many of them have set up shop outside of the U.S.? How many of them receive tax incentives from the gov't while their minimum wage employee's get dick.

Loads of other questions- but let's start with those, shall we?
OP jasondmzk
11 Aug 2012 #6
Loads of other questions- but let's start with those, shall we?

Let's end with em, too. Pip, meet Google. Google, Pip. You kids should get along well.
11 Aug 2012 #7
The most profitable company is KGHM Polska Miedź (KGHM Kombinat Górniczo-Hutniczy Miedzi Polish Copper) (WSE: KGH) is one of the largest producers of copper and silver in the world. The mining & metallurgy company is based in Poland in Lubin. On 06 December 2011, KGHM acquired Canadian Quadra FNX Mining Ltd. Thus becoming the owner one of the largest copper and silver mines in the world .

Net profit for 2011 was 11 334 520 000 PLN (which is more than 11 billion of zloty)
Midas 1 | 571
11 Aug 2012 #8
There is a number of good companies in Poland.

Most are some form of a well-transformed former state-owned company that was privatised and sold to investors.

Some of the blue chips on the Polish GPW include:

KGHM ( metals ) and PKN Orlen ( gas&oil ), which were already mentioned, TPSA ( telecom, owned by the French these days ), PKOBP ( bank ), PZU SA ( insurance ).

GPW - the Polish stockmarket, based in Warsaw, is generally considered the busiest in Eastern Europe and beats most of its neighbours by far.

Good place to invest if you like the thrills.

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