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Large Bank Deposits - Poland Banks report them to government due to anti-terrorism laws?

Maluch 30 | 94
25 Oct 2014 #1
I have heard that due to 'anti-terrorism' laws the banks will report to the government if you make large deposits.

What is the threshold for them reporting - how many ZL? and how does the process work exactly?
terri 1 | 1661
25 Oct 2014 #2
You can make any deposits, as long as you can prove where the money originated from. For example, bank statement, payslips, maybe money left in a will. You must provide copies of the evidence for the bank.

The threshold may vary - difficult to establish how much each bank considers 'questionable', but you should ask.

Just as an aside, yesterday I wanted to open an ISA (I am British) and I had to declare and sign that I do not have citizenship of any other country and that I do not have/never have had a US citizenship. I saw the actual questions written on the form.... Strange?
26 Oct 2014 #3

Not at all.Since they asked that question they most likely wouldn't want to have anything to do with you if you were indeed US citizen.It's a direct result of FATCA law.That bank simply doesn't want to deal with US government/IRS.
Cardno85 31 | 971
26 Oct 2014 #4
I am pretty sure this is standard in all countries as part of KYC/AML processes. Even when I was just recruiting for a financial institution I had to do training and, if I suspected anyone I was dealing with to be funding terrorism, laundering money, etc, I had a report it to senior management who would report it to the appropriate authorities.
6 Apr 2018 #5

Any similar banks in Poland "where you could do business" like the Latvian ones?

Are Polish banks similar to the ones from Latvia or the UsA (keep in mind bank of smerica just out of the blue starts charging people even after no agreement was in place and al,ost no banks around the world charge just for having a debit account):

I found out about that bank and googled it because it was where the russian mob and regpay would operate or the final cash transfters from usa front comoany connections usa than some german bank would come from and this was the endpoint destination.

By the way, I found out that it wasnt even reg pay or tust ill what it was called before or even landslide, there were tons of usa based companies and credit card processors or merchant - I never would touch that filth but it is fascinating to me how much money they made or how to make easy money with internet ideas. Sites like ibill, trustbill, ccbill (still offering also credit card processing and same domain) and the only difference between them and thomas reedy who is doing a life term is that they just got ceise and desist notices and quit just when the time was right and never even had to give back the proceeds lol. Like I said ccbill is right open and still operating. This was whole structure of people employed knowing what was goin on lol.

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