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Poland KRS (Police Background Check) form / records

dtaylor5632 18 | 1,999
22 Jul 2010 #1
Just wanted someone to confirm what the correct stamp should be if someone has no previous convictions on their record?
OP dtaylor5632 18 | 1,999
22 Jul 2010 #3
For the police checks. It's needed in order to get job over here in healthcare. Normally I don't deal with it but lass in HR is off at the moment.
NorthMancPolak 4 | 645
22 Jul 2010 #4

HR is a four-letter word to me at the moment... grrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!! :(
OP dtaylor5632 18 | 1,999
22 Jul 2010 #5
For me too, but i must proceed :/
WatWat 3 | 43
25 Jul 2012 #6
Merged: How do I get a police background / criminal record check in Poland?

I need it to start uni and I need it in a rather short amount of time. I assume I'd be going to the police department, but I'm not even sure of that. If they don't speak English, I don't know what I'm asking for. I also need to be able to ask them how long it will take and if there's an option to exptidite it. I also have no idea what documents I need. I'm not a Polish citizen, so I don't know if the procedures are different for me

To further complicate matters, I'm not even living in Poland at the moment. I know I have to fly back there to get it, that's not an issue. It just means I have an extreme time crunch when it comes to getting things done, I need to make sure I've brought all the documents I need, ect, ect. In addition, I have a NIP but no PESL since I'm a foreginer (but did and technically still do, legally reside in Poland).
teflcat 5 | 1,029
25 Jul 2012 #7
Why on earth do you need a Police background check before you can start uni?
gumishu 15 | 6,271
25 Jul 2012 #8

if you need a 'świadectwo niekaralności' then you should go to your Sąd Rejonowy or Wojewódzki - you will need to have someone who speaks Polish with you
WatWat 3 | 43
25 Jul 2012 #9
@Teflcat: It's for medical school in Norway before the start of term. I think it's stupid too, especially since I won't be seeing patients until spring semester at the earliest. But, thems be the rules. Rules they didn't bother informing me about until I got my acceptance letter just a few days ago. And of course nobody knew which country I needed this from until today.

Thanks gumishu, it helps a lot to know where I need to go and what I need to ask for. I will see which of my Polish speaking friends has time. Checked on translators once before. Eesh, are they expensive.
teflcat 5 | 1,029
25 Jul 2012 #10
It's for medical school in Norway

Well, perhaps it's not such a bad idea. People who want to harm the vulnerable do seek out opportunities where they can do so. On the other hand, Dr. Harold Shipman had an excellent reputation in his town and no police record, so the check is just a partially useful filter.

Shop around for translators. If you need a notarized version of a Polish police document in English, be sure to check it yourself before you pay.
WatWat 3 | 43
25 Jul 2012 #11
I know I'll need a certified translation, but I think I'm just going to do it in Norway so I know it's accepted. It might be a bit more expensive (already called, between 250-500 PLN), but at least I know there won't be any questions about it later. Since this has to be delivered no later than the 20th of August, I don't want to take any chances.

Yeah, I see the logic behind having a background check before seeing patients, I'm mostly grumpy about it all because it would have been nice to know back when I applied and had time to find someone to go with me. I assume they want it before start of term just so I'm not taking up a much coveted spot if I weren't to pass the background check. But, no use complaining now. Just have to get it done. :P And to be fair, it could be worse. At least they don't need a background check from every country I resided in the past 5 years.

Oh, one more question if anyone knows the answer. Can I get this done from any city in Poland (well any city with the appropriate offices) or do I have to go back to the city I resided in? I have to go to the embassy in Warsaw, and it would be absolutely lovely to get it all done from there.
gumishu 15 | 6,271
25 Jul 2012 #12
Can I get this done from any city in Poland or do I have to go back to the city I resided in?

I think it is possible in any city where Sąd Wojewódzki or Okręgowy is

this site has addresses of where you can get the 'zaświadczanie o niekaralności' from - there is three such places in Warsaw - these are the "Punkt Informacyjny Krajowego Rejestru Karnego" - expect the typical Polish office hours:
WatWat 3 | 43
25 Jul 2012 #13
Oh brilliant! Thank you so much. That helps quite a bit.
PolishVoyage 1 | 3
27 May 2013 #14
Merged: Polish Police Check/ Criminal Record Check


Can anyone help me with my enquiry about getting a Polish criminal record check, please?

I've found the website.

I was basically wondering:
How long it takes to get?
Would it be possible to get it my myself (Without speaking Polish)?
How much would it cost to get it translated into English?

Thanks :) PV.
MrAlbert 1 | 16
27 May 2013 #15
If you have a record in USA and move back to Poland will it show?

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