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Does anyone here know how to fill in a PIT/ZG form (earnings in Poland)?

MrBubbles 10 | 613
5 Aug 2010 #1
I'm trying to figure out how to complete a PIT/ZG for overseas earnings to go with my PIT-36.

I've been reading through a guide at
but I'm stuck at choosing the right field for my tax - one says 'according to art 27 ust 8' (column b), another is 'art 27 ust 9' (column c0 and the third is something along the lines of 'tax alread paid in connection with c'. Does anyone know where I can find a guide for this?

5 Aug 2010 #2
Best solution is accounting office. In Cracow I recommend tax office on Felicjanek street 10/8. They help foreigners in many things. In other cities it's hard to say where to go because I live in Cracow but you can always check on the Internet.
OP MrBubbles 10 | 613
5 Aug 2010 #3
Thanks Cracow - I'll just choose column b or maybe just see the local tax office about it...
BLS 65 | 188
27 Apr 2012 #4
Merged: PIT (Poland tax) instructions in English

Can anyone direct me to online English instructions regarding PIT? My tax information is very easy, so I am using my 2010 PIT as a template - most everything makes sense, but I'm not sure where to deduct ZUS 53 (I didn't pay this in 2010 since my business was still within the initial 2-year grace period).

Thanks for any and all constructive input.
25 Oct 2014 #5
Here is the English version of the national tax office in Poland: (look up the English flag in the top-right corner). However, I'm not sure if there are tax forms available in English there (at least I couldn't find them). You may contact them and ask (they should understand English ;).

Home / Law / Does anyone here know how to fill in a PIT/ZG form (earnings in Poland)?
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