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Investing money in Poland - what are the best areas / ways to invest private money?

Nuvolarii 1 | -
11 Jun 2012 #1
Dear All,

I am a private person, who is looking for a smart way to invest some money. Over the last years I have heard lots of positive things about Poland, about its economical development and the stable political system. I have a feeling that in Poland there should be good ways to get higer rates of return than for similar investments in Western Europe.

What are the experiences of the other members in the forum? What is your professional advise?

Do you have any suggestions in terms how to invest and into what?


peterweg 37 | 2,320
11 Jun 2012 #2
You don't come to a public, anonymous, forum and ask for professional advice.

However, my two cents. First you could speculate on the currency. Put the money in a Polish bank account and you get what is these days a fairly high interest rate (7%?). You could also buy Polish government bonds but I've no opinion on that.

A third option is buying property, apartments only I'd suggest. But yields are low and property prices falling so that not a very good idea at the moment - but it might be worthwhile long term (10years+)

Agricultural land is the big world wide trend, but thats more complex.

I am not giving you any sort of recommendations and I am not a professional, so don't act on my comments
ciderman - | 5
11 Jun 2012 #3
My advice - don't do it. Poland is a massacre of beaurocracy and politics. If you get pleasure from giving money to random govt. offices for doing pointless things, then Poland is the country for you! (Own Ltd. company in Poland for 2 years, so I know something about it)
inkrakow 1 | 98
12 Jun 2012 #4
Have a look at some of the internet startups coming out of Krakow and Warsaw, particularly those being spun out by software houses. Most are incorporating in Delaware now so minimal bureaucracy.
peterweg 37 | 2,320
12 Jun 2012 #5
Most are incorporating in Delaware now so minimal bureaucracy.

Delaware companies are great for owners and useless for shareholders. Who wants to buy shares in a company who doesn't give any information to shareholders? Anybody thinking about investing/starting a company with a US company may want to contact me and I can warn you about the scams that US companies can perpetrate.

Krakow does indeed have a lot of IT companies and startup support.
InWroclaw 89 | 1,914
12 Jun 2012 #6
Aren't there restrictions on buying agricultural land by foreigners, even EU citizens? Lots of hoops to jump through? Or was I misinformed when I enquired a few years ago?
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
12 Jun 2012 #7
Is it difficult to set up/run a Delaware company from outside of the US?
5 Mar 2013 #8
Dear sir/madam

I am writing to you to introduce my company which is based in Poland. We are a small family run business of which I am the president. Buckingham Investments was established 7 years ago. Our core business is the development of new buildings but also the refurbishment of older listed buildings. We have successfully completed several projects and are currently involved in a small to medium sized housing project in the outskirts of Poznan, Poland.

We are currently expanding our business and have recently launched a tailor made service for foreign investors looking to invest in high return projects abroad of which we offer Full Management from setting up the initial company, right through to completion. Typically we are offering in excess of 50% returns for investors which can climb to 100% due to our carefully selected projects. All our projects have the relevant planning permissions in place and are ready to go.

Our main website is found at buckingham investments which shows our already completed projects and current ones for sale. This is in Polish as it targets the residential and commercial market here in Poland. Our newly launched service for foreign investors can be found at investinpoland which is in English.

Our idea is to connect with a company like yourselves who can introduce investors to our company and build up a rapport through joint successful project investments and keep the investors coming back. Setting aside the fantastic achievable returns our strong point is that we have invested in these projects ourselves both in the past and in the present so we can back up our claims with confidence.

Poland is a fantastic place for your investors to invest and we ask you to please consider our proposal and contact us with any questions you may have. Also please follow the link invest in poland where you will find a small sample of the projects on offer explained in simple terms how such returns are achievable.

Abraham - | 8
5 Mar 2013 #9
My may invest in kebab / restaurants - there are many foreigners in Poland that crave different kinds of foods.
Ziemowit 13 | 4,356
5 Mar 2013 #10
Yeah, kebab seems to be a good choice for someone who wants to get "higer rates of return than for similar investments in Western Europe".
Maybe 12 | 409
5 Mar 2013 #11
the growth area in Poland now is e-commerce. More and more Poles are shopping online.
pantsless 1 | 267
6 Mar 2013 #12
You're about 10 years too late. IT / eCommerce has already matured in Poland and a handful of big corporations (with ties to EU companies) rule the market these days.
10 Apr 2013 #13
Non-EU citizens have to get a "special dispensation" to buy land even if attached to a house if greater than about 300-sq M. Usually this means making an application in Warsaw with documents, translated into Polish and reasons for why you are buying house/Land in Poland.
DominicB - | 2,709
10 Apr 2013 #14
If you're misguided enough to ask for investment advice on an internet forum, I can save you a lot of time and trouble. Just deposit the cash you have in my bank account for my personal use. You won't get anything back, but that's a lot better than what would happen to you if you invest without taking the time to do some serious research and consult with real experts. You'll be happier in the end, and so will I.

Second option is to spend the money on professional psychiatric evaluation and treatment. You're dilusional. Seriously.
22 Jul 2013 #15
i invested 7 years ago and would like to know where my money is Carlos, how about letting me know.
Wroclaw Boy
22 Jul 2013 #16
Do you have any suggestions in terms how to invest and into what?

I quite like the idea of car parks, nice and easy, thats how we like it.
24 Apr 2014 #17
Anyone thinking of investing in Poland had best keep clear of Carlos poznan poland .
Dont gag me yo 7 | 156
24 Apr 2014 #18
buy commercial real estate and you cant go wrong esp in poland where property taxes are neglligible and you can even afford to keep it vacant and whatever rent one gets is gravy besides getting 4% and more in property appraisal after 15 years,if one is not looking for a quick buck
cms 9 | 1,255
24 Apr 2014 #19
buy commercial real estate and you cant go wrong esp in poland

you certainly can go wrong, in Poland and in any other country.

But when it goes wrong most small investors tend to blame the banks or the govt rather than their own hubris.
24 Apr 2014 #20
Of course, but the situation might well appear different to somebody who only ever rents commercial space from a landlord. It's much the same things as the 'buy to let' phenomenon which has seen so many people in the UK lose lots of money, and so many foreign investors in Poland who bought a couple of / several apartments too.

But when it goes wrong most small investors tend to blame the banks or the govt rather than their own hubris.

Such as the foreign investors in Poland who failed to understand currency risk when buying their apartments with the 'help' of smooth tongued 'expert' advisers.
2 Sep 2014 #21
I have invested in Buckingham investments , it was a complete shambles they have no idea.I have been ripped off to the tune of £220,000 and presently spending a fortune fighting the negligence of this company.
grey squirrel
3 Sep 2014 #22
LOL £220,000 you got bummed! I can get it all back plus interest if you pay me 50,000pln in cash in advance leave it at the poznan sheriton hotel in a briefcase for attention of grey squirrel
12 Apr 2019 #23
I think interest rates in banks are always higher in Poland than in the US (for example), but as for as I know - if you are not an EU citizen - you cannot actually invest money in stock market, or maybe you can but there are too many disadvantages for it to be worthwhile.

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