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International Divorce - my ex wife lives in Poland and I live in Asia (alimony)

Intl Divorce
19 Apr 2019 #1
If my ex wife lives in Poland and I live in Asia, what power does the court have to enforce a divorce settlement/alimony overseas?
terri 1 | 1,665
19 Apr 2019 #2
The Court will get in touch with the nearest Embassy to where you live and you may have problems.
goodytwoshoes - | 16
19 Apr 2019 #3
may have problems

MAY have problems, but I doubt it.
terri 1 | 1,665
19 Apr 2019 #4
You just never know in life. Maybe some day when he wants to get married again, he may have to show his divorce papers which may show what the Court decided regarding alimony payments.
goodytwoshoes - | 16
19 Apr 2019 #5
Nah I don't think so, thats just paranoia. Embassies have bigger fish to fry. This is a numbers game, will either embassy make any money from said information? NO. So they don't give a flying crap. You're free buddy. But I hope you respect your responsibilities. But I doubt it.
OP Intl Divorce
20 Apr 2019 #6
I paid 100% of the bills during the marriage (3 years), so paying a large lump sum plus alimony doesn't really strike me as fair. But that's me. will definitely NEVER get married again.
cms neuf - | 1,623
20 Apr 2019 #7
Does it strike you as fair that she will be looking after the kid on her own. Your 3 year of bill paying is hardly a fair trade for 18 years of raising the child. Be a man and pay your dues.
Shitonya Brits
20 Apr 2019 #8
Courts worldwide wrongly and disproportionately give women custody.

And in Western nations women with children live off the largess of taxpayers regardless of their marital status. "It takes a village to raise a child" is the socialist battle cry to justify society paying for a woman's personal lifestyle choices.

Most women regardless of economic standing also seek out another male provider following a divorce.

And it is not unknown for women to knowingly sacrifice their children from a former marriage. If they don't murder them themselves (or in some countries sell them into bondage) then they offer them up willingly to paedophiles and sadists.
cms neuf - | 1,623
20 Apr 2019 #9
Er right. But assuming his wife is not going to sell the kid to sadists then in this instance she will be looking after it, without any help from this dude
Shitonya Brits
20 Apr 2019 #10
Most women not only instigate arguments and violence in marriages but they are also the ones who most often initiate divorces.

In an era of gender equality and women's right to work then there is no need for a man to pay a woman alimony. It is rare where a woman is court ordered to pay an ex-husband even if he is awarded child custody.

If a man is ordered to pay child support by a court then the woman can seek for this to be enforced. Men who don't are regarded delinquent and face jail time and further financial penalties in addition to still having to cough up for the prior and on going child support payments.

It is virtually unheard of for women to face similar circumstances.

Whether or not a man is required to pay, the woman with a child still can claim and obtain benefits from the state courtesy of the tax payers.
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,159
20 Apr 2019 #11
It is virtually unheard of for women to face similar circumstances.

In the US, women fought for equality and won! Now, they are treated equally in such matters in the family courts. Good.
Woman-on-man domestic violence is the most under-reported crime here, and for the reasons so obvious that no explanation is necessary.
To make matter worse for men, women lie 24/7. So much so that "he raped me and abused me for years" is no longer selling at the husband murder trials. Nobody believes those bi**es any more.

Why didn't you move? "Because I loved him soooo much" comes another lie.
Sure, he raped you, beat you and you loved him enough to get another dose of the same. His paycheck and life insurance had nothing to do with it.
cms neuf - | 1,623
20 Apr 2019 #12
Shitonya - are you aware of the benefits a single mother might get in Poland ? Can you list them ? Without alimony they are screwed

This theead is not about America - but in any case for you guys women and children are also a foreign country
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,159
20 Apr 2019 #13
This thread is not about America

...but the human behavior is the same - including women not lying about their "evil" husbands only when asleep or in a coma.
Shitonya Brits
20 Apr 2019 #14
Can you list them ?

Well, since you're not willing to say, here you go:

Poland - Family benefits

There is a whole panoply of benefits on offer courtesy of the tax payer.

But do share with the forum your personal experience of having to throw pocket change at the emaciated bodies and step over the skeletal remains of single mothers and their children on every street corner across Poland.

Granted, single motherhood is treated as "sacred" in many other EU countries thanks to feminism and their cuckold male advocates.

But if single motherhood won't make a woman live like a celebrity in Poland then that's too bad for them.

Still, a woman's ex-husband shouldn't be forced to ensure she can maintain her former standard of living if she no longer wants him around. If a single mother needs more money then she can either get a job and work for it or she can find the next foolish beta male orbiter who is so desperate to get laid that he will gladly pay and care for another man's child.
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,159
20 Apr 2019 #15
The single stupidest thing a man can do in his fifties is to marry a woman with kids, adopt them, make her his life insurance beneficiary, and let her run his business.

He just signed his death warrant.
cms neuf - | 1,623
20 Apr 2019 #16
828 zloty from that list assuming the child is healthy. That is hardly living like a celebrity, mind you as neither of you have been in Poland and have no idea what things cost then there is no sense in you commenting.

Strange how people who talk about beta males and cucks are trolls who never have their own wife and kids.
Shitonya Brits
20 Apr 2019 #17
Strange would be anyone who has a wife and kids (especially if not his own) but who prefers to spend so much time online chatting with strangers and calling them trolls when their gynocentric white knighting is challenged and their ideological leftist safe space is disturbed.

So, is your concern for single mothers based on your own embarrassment for having been duped by one?

Normalising hypergamous and gynocentric behaviour would certainly give you an out in order to save face.
cms neuf - | 1,623
20 Apr 2019 #18
I am guessing most people in Poland can think of a single mum who is struggling and know its not easy.

Maybe in Chicago and Moscow they live in luxury ?
Shitonya Brits
20 Apr 2019 #19
Their so-called "struggle" is of their own doing and as pointed out to Poland offers benefits including single mothers.

Again, if a single mother needs even more money then she will have to work for it or find another partner dumb enough to be a cash cow for her and another man's children.

But lets get back to this ex-wife living in Poland. If the husband is on the other side of the world in Asia then responsibility does he have towards her? None. They are no longer married.

If there is a child from before the marriage ended then how did this now single mother facilitate visitation rights for the father? She didn't and that is a spiteful and deliberate act on her part.
cms neuf - | 1,623
20 Apr 2019 #20
He has none to her but he has an obligation to his kid. She probably can not work full time because she is looking after the kid.

Being as you never had kids yourself then you don't know how much cost and work that involves.
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,159
20 Apr 2019 #21
Women are victims of their own insistence on holding on to the kids - in large number of cases as a lever or a weapon.

Better yet, before you get all hot and sweaty, tell your Romeo that the kid will be his to keep and watch that erection go limp.
Ironside 51 | 11,510
20 Apr 2019 #22
Strange how people who talk about beta males and cucks are trolls who never have their own wife and kids.

You have a point here.

for single mothers

Hey, don't go off topic. In this case there is a divorce, so a divorcée not a single mother there is a difference. Also We don't know what was a reason for it and who had been at fault.

I only know that dude want to ditch his responsibility for a kid. If that is his child. I can only say that it is hard to respect such a dude. I would use stronger words but don't know circumstances maybe there is something that would provide some exude for his actions.

On the surface he is just a low life.

By the way women shouldn't be encouraged to become single mothers, that is a scourge in some places due to benefits offered to them by the populist politicians but footed by taxpayers.
Shitonya Brits
20 Apr 2019 #23
She probably can not work full time because she is looking after the kid.

Closing the Gender Gap - POLAND

Key takeaways:

- At 59%, the proportion of employed women in Poland is around the OECD average (60%).

- The gender pay gap at median earnings in Poland (10%) is one of the lowest in the OECD.

- Women in Poland are more likely to have permanent employment than men and to work in professional occupations.

- Mothers are predominant users of leave entitlements: less than 3% of fathers take parental leave.

So why are you a feminist and why do you keep parroting feminist lies on here when facts and statistics do not back you up?
OP Intl Divorce
20 Apr 2019 #24
I never once said anything about a kid. Certain people topic.
Shitonya Brits
20 Apr 2019 #25
Is your ex-wife Polish or Asian?
Ironside 51 | 11,510
20 Apr 2019 #26
I never once said anything about a kid.

IF there is no children and you didn't take monies ( a loan) and run to the hills, I don't think you would have to pay anything.
OP Intl Divorce
21 Apr 2019 #27
She is Polish
Shitonya Brits
21 Apr 2019 #28

How long were you married and why did it end in divorce?
OP Intl Divorce
21 Apr 2019 #29
Married 3 years but just didnt match. Always the drama queen and always jealous.
terri 1 | 1,665
21 Apr 2019 #30
The lesson here is: try before you buy. You could have lived with her for a while to see how it goes. However, from experience I know that a woman changes the moment she gets married. She knows that she has caught someone who has to provide for her.

In your case I would forget it, but just to be sure, make sure that your (Polish) marriage and divorce is registered in the country you live in, just in case you want to ever get married again.

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