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International business trip, travel time reimbursement? How is it settled in Poland?

goncalo 1 | 5
23 Nov 2015 #1
I know that accomodation and travel expenses are regulated and company will pay for this.
My question is for time spent on an intenational travel for a Monday-Friday worker.
Example: You travel to US and spend Sunday travelling to start to work on Monday and then you return on Friday after work and you'll arrive in Poland on Saturday.

In this case you lose a Saturday and a Sunday on travelling for a business trip.
Where can I find regulation to be paid for this lost time? "Dieta" doesn't cover this because it's only for meals.

Thank you
Thomas8 - | 1
23 Nov 2015 #2
You won't receive any overtime for traveling to and from Buisness Trip (because its traveling). But you should receive 'Dieta' for Sunday / Saturday (maybe half of it, if you spent 12 hours in BT during those days)

Source: I'm working in multinational company with branch in Poland and many of my colleagues were flying overseas. They never received money for Sunday flying other than 'Dieta'.

PS If I am not mistaken BT time for 'Dieta' is counted:
1) From leaving home to returning to home when you travel only in Poland
2) From boarding the plane to landing (crossing border - when on land) when traveling outside Poland
cinek 2 | 345
23 Nov 2015 #3
In 2) you're also paid Dieta from leaving home, but the amount for the time ( if a day or longer) in Poland is like for 1).

OP goncalo 1 | 5
24 Nov 2015 #4
Thank you for your input.
This situation really sucks, it's called BT but the ammount of time spent for the BT is not counted...
In this case, I'll use 16h of my Sunday and another 16h of my Saturday
cms 9 | 1,254
24 Nov 2015 #5
if you want an hourly paid job when you get exactly the number of hours you work then McDonalds and KFC are probably hiring.

I presume the company that doesn't pay your Sundays also DOES pay you for the time you spend on the internet at work, or the times you need to leave 30 minutes early to take your kid to the doctors etc etc.
24 Nov 2015 #6
In this case, I'll use 16h of my Sunday and another 16h of my Saturday

Do you have a fixed place of work? If not, have a read of this
OP goncalo 1 | 5
24 Nov 2015 #7
Great stuff @Harry,

I wasn't searching the right way, now I found it! Thanks

In US, the law says that travel time has to be payed:

In EU, there are different regulations and for sure the decision of European court of justice will help everybody to stop being explored.

I'm sure I'll not get payed for this travel period but I can demand days off based on Working Conditions - Working Time Directive

UK Example here:

"Does this entitle mobile workers to be paid for time spent travelling between home and the places where they work?

No: the decision is only about what counts as working time under the WTD and the WTR, which gives effect to the WTD in the UK. This legislation does not govern pay. Rather, it is concerned with the organisation of working time including average weekly working time, rest periods and rest breaks and minimum periods of paid holiday.

The problem is

During the necessary travelling time - which generally cannot be shortened - the workers are therefore not able to use their time freely and pursue their own interests.

So what I do during weekends is not company concern.
delphiandomine 87 | 18,086
24 Nov 2015 #8
I can demand days off based on Working Conditions

Theoretically, you can. However, I wouldn't expect them to a) send you on any more trips and b) consider you in any way for anything worthwhile.
24 Nov 2015 #9
Delph you are right "consider you in any way for anything worthwhile" he would be a real pain as an employee.
OP goncalo 1 | 5
25 Nov 2015 #10
Well, if you cannot defend your rights. How can you defend your company ones?
This is Europe, there should not be space for "theoretically" or "consider you in any way for anything worthwhile".
You shouldn't be afraid or be seen as "real pain" when following European regulations...
Actually, this one of the reasons why some companies moved their office from Poland to Ireland, poor management. And for me, this is the "real pain"!
delphiandomine 87 | 18,086
25 Nov 2015 #11
Goncalo, I can tell two things by your post :

1) This is your first real corpo job
2) You aren't very experienced

I strongly suggest that you have a quiet chat with a friend working in HR about the realities of corporate life. You can certainly enforce your rights, but it won't be looked on favourably (you won't be seen as a team player) and you can quite probably kiss goodbye to any career opportunities internally.
OP goncalo 1 | 5
25 Nov 2015 #12
Thank you for your advice,
I'll try to adapt to Polish reality.On other countries I never had this kind of problems
25 Nov 2015 #13
"you won't be seen as a team player" This is very true in the UK also , listen to delph it is good advice
cjj - | 281
26 Nov 2015 #14
It's a little like realising you have won the battle but lost the war.
OP goncalo 1 | 5
26 Nov 2015 #15
I talked with HR and they found the situation normal.
They said I'm entitled to 2 days of rest.

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