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Need information about GDP in Poland from 1990-2005

ralu 1 | -
26 Oct 2007 #1
hey please i want some web site about the GDP in poland from 1990-2005 about direct and indirect taxes in poland
hello 22 | 891
26 Oct 2007 #2
GDP in Poland

Here is more info in Polish:
30 Oct 2007 #3
i want numbers many numbers
3 May 2008 #4

this website should get you just about everything you need up untill 2000. Also if you need really detalied information go here:

and fill in the request form
JMInteriors - | 5
16 Jun 2008 #5
Great site for figures, not charts:
3 Mar 2010 #6
The publication called news2biz Poland actually gives you good overview. I cant give it to you unfortunately because it isa subscription based, but go ahead and see it from

Hope I was a bit of a help.

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