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Indian, after registering marriage in Poland with Polish lady how to get TRC?

Rubysidhu84 1 | 1
16 Jan 2018 #1
I am Indian got married to a polish lady in India and we come together to poland in october last year. We registered our marriage and get certificate and my wife also get a new card with my surname now IN POLAND. I applied for trc in november in warsaw but no call,letter,email for fees.biometrics. i am worried now because one boy came from delhi to germany on 15 days visa and get his biometrics..passport got stamped in 10 days here in warsaw???? Now we moved to szczecin and we wrote a letter to warsaw office for send our documents here.

All indians giving 3500..2000 złoty for this process to agents..lawyers. But i dont have and my wife doing this all. Tell me are we doing good or not? I should to wait?
18 Jan 2018 #2
Maybe a lawyer can speed up the process (but if you can do it yourself you can save money).
OP Rubysidhu84 1 | 1
18 Jan 2018 #3
Thanks @Nathans but my question it the same process for students...married with polish

I am an Indian got married with polish lady in India and we came toghther in poland and registered our marriage. But this trc we applied in warsaw on 23rd november 2017(by ourself,no laywer hired)but no response yet. Now we planning to go to germany. My question to is this "trc process" is faster in any another country e.g. austria..vieana?
Lp6678 1 | 4
20 Dec 2018 #4
I am in similar situation as you. I am an Indian citizen and my wife is a polish citizen. We got married in USA and have marriage certificate from USA.

We are trying to get our marriage registered in Poland. Can you please tell is the documents which you used and how much time it took you do it?

Also, did you had Indian birth certificate? Did you get apostille on it? Indian birth certificate does not have mother's maiden name and DOB of either of the parents. Was this an issue for you?

terri 1 | 1,664
20 Dec 2018 #5
If your marriage certificate is from USA, you must have it translated into Polish by a Polish sworn translator. If you have any documents with your mother' maiden name (perhaps her marriage certificate) you could have that document translated into Polish as well. The authorities would then use that document. I would have your own birth certificate translated into Polish as well.

If you DO NOT have documents of your parents dates of birth, their parent's names - then the Polish marriage certificate will not show them.

I have gone through the same marriage recognition process a month ago, my marriage was in the U.K. but same rules apply.
Once you have all your document (originals) and the translations and submit them - it will take just over a month.
Lp6678 1 | 4
20 Dec 2018 #6
Thanks for the reply terri.

I have USA marriage certificate which shows my mothers maiden name and my fathers's name. It does not show their date of birth.
My wife who is polish citizen has the complete birth certificate which shows all information "odpis zupelmy aktu urodzenia".

Is it required to have my birth certificate too if my mother's maiden name is present in the marriage certificate? If yes, then only a translation is enough or does the original birth certificate should have Apostille stamp too?

It takes 1 months to get the marriage recorded here? We to Poland for christmas and when she went to get her visa renewed at the US embassy they said that they cannot stamp the visa since the passport is not valid anymore. She needs to update her name to her married name in her passport.

From what we read online to update the name on the passport to her married name we will first need to get polish marriage certificate as it cannot be done on basis of foreign marriage certificate. This will take 2 months or so. Looks like we will be separated for 3-4 months :(
Lp6678 1 | 4
21 Dec 2018 #7
[Moved from]: Updating name on passport with foreign marriage certificate

I am an Indian citizen married to Polish citizen and currently we live in US.

We got married last year in November in USA and our marriage certificate is issued in USA. Last year we visited Poland during Christmas and she got her US visa stamp.

We are here for christmas again and went to renew her visa and were rejected because the passport is not valid anymore. We were not aware that the passport becomes invalid 60 days after marriage name change.

Now to get the name change in her passport we will need to get the marriage registered in Poland and then update her passport and go back to get the visa. Her national ID card also expired few months ago and we were planning to update that during this visit. Looks like without a valid ID card she cannot update her passport too.

Neither of us is familiar with the legal paperwork in Poland. We talked to two people today in passport office and one said registering marriage is not required another said it is needed.

Can anyone provide a plan to deal with this issue quickly?

terri 1 | 1,664
21 Dec 2018 #8
I could only tell you about the recording of the marriage in Polish Urzad Stanu Cywilnego once you have all your foreign certificates translated. If you do not have all the details of your parents (names, dates of birth) you will get a marriage certificate without these details.
terri 1 | 1,664
21 Dec 2018 #9
I have answered you in another post. There is no quicker way of doing this. Remember that all Polish USC will be closed for Christmas and New Year. If she has a Polish passport her surname will have to be changed to her married name and in order to have it changed, her marriage will have to be registered in Poland. There is no other way round it.

It costs about 200-300 pln for the sworn translation of each foreign certificate into Polish.
Lp6678 1 | 4
21 Dec 2018 #10
We went to Polish Registry office just now and filled in the paperwork to add our marriage record in Poland. Although to our surprise my wife was not allowed to keep her maiden name as her middle name as stated in her marriage certificate issued in US.

Spouse Maiden Name:
First Name: fname
Middle Name: Maiden_Middlename
Last Name: Maiden_Lastname

My Last Name: Sinha

In the marriage certificate issued in California, USA she was allowed to keep her maiden last name as middle name so the marriage certificate says:

First Name: fname
Middle Name: Maiden_Lastname
Last Name: Married_Lastname

While registering the marriage in Poland they did not allow her to use the maiden last name as middle name. We were told Polish law does not allow to change first or middle name and the only change can be made to the last name on basis of marriage. So the polish marriage certificate will be registered in:

First Name: fname
Middle Name: Maiden_Lastname
Last Name: Married_Lastname

Is it possible to get the passport on the name mentioned in US marriage certificate or will it only be issued in the polish marriage certificate name? I am guessing it will be later case which sadly will make whole new different names issues.

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