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Importing cars into Poland

Dirk diggler 6 | 2,212    
18 Jun 2017  #1

Does anyone have info on importing cars into poland? I've heard it costs around 1k usd but I don't know the exact process. Im assuming that its a similar registration and insurance process as in the us but you have to pay a sort of tax based on the engine size and also have to take it once a year to be checked out so that the things like lights aren't faulty and its a safe car to drive.

Any info at all is most appreciated.

terri 1 | 1,344    
18 Jun 2017  #2

The law on importing cars has changed recently, as too many older models were flooding the market. You need to really read up on whether it's actually viable to go through the process.
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,106    
19 Jun 2017  #3

a similar registration and insurance process

gov prepare a revenge-punishment tax for cars older than10 years so be careful.
OP Dirk diggler 6 | 2,212    
19 Jun 2017  #4

Thanks.. Aww that's too bad because I'm into old school American cars and some Mercedes coupes.. Especially the ss novas and chevelles 442 cutlass 560sel etc. Guess ill have to send over some cheap Japanese or Korean car if its going to mean saving a lot of money on the taxes and fees.

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