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Import and export of vehicle. From Middle East to Poland via UK or better directly?

28 Jan 2016 #1
I am a British citizen currently living in Qatar. I own a car that I love. In a couple of years time my contract will finish and I will be looking to move to Wawsaw.

As of yet, I do not have a job in Poland nor do I have a residence, however in time I will.
When my time here in the middle east comes to an end, would it be easier to import my car to the uk and then drive across Europe to Poland, or upon completion of my current contract, export my car directly to Poland? Bearing in mind I will not have any residence, just a start date for a job!

My car is left hand drive and a lot bigger than the 2.0 liter green tax cut off.
gumishu 11 | 5,142
28 Jan 2016 #2
I think you could import it as 'mienie przesiedleŇĄcze' (mover's belongings - don't quote me on this translation hahah) - but I am not sure - there are Brits who live in Poland in this forum they should know more on the topic (I'm Polish and I live a very sheltered life)

well it would be less complicated for you to ship the car to the UK first and then drive it to Poland after you land here from a legal point of view I guess

mienie przesiedleŇĄcze is tax free
OP britexpat
3 Feb 2016 #3
Yeah I think maybe have it in the uk first and see where life takes me! I may hire for a little bit before bringing it over, get used to driving in a new environment first before taking the plunge with my beloved! Thank you for your help, kind regards, Chris.

Home / Law / Import and export of vehicle. From Middle East to Poland via UK or better directly?
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