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Help with Salary Packages common in Poland

30 Jan 2012 #1
I am after some assistance a to what is (if there is such a thing) as standard in remuneration packages outside of basic salary.
We are engineering consulting firm and will be predomininetly employing Project Managers and Construction Manager, but will also have Cost Planners and Finance types in the business. We will be opening our offices in Warsaw in April, and have started the interview process and discovered a number of differeneces in remuneratiuon packages to that of our other global locations.

Is it standard for the following to be included in packages of particulalrly Project Managers:
Car and associated expenses (Petrol)
Pension (If so what is the %)
Life Insurance
If someone can please provide an insight into what is considered "standard' in manager level (5 years plus experience and min of 2-3 sub ordinates) it would be greatly appreciated.

scottie1113 7 | 898
30 Jan 2012 #2
Register first. Otherwise nobody will take you seriously. I don't, and I can answer your questions.

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