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Help with marriage requirements in Poland

luckybrit 1 | 3
15 Oct 2012 #1
Hi ppl
i have been with my partner for 4 years in november and we have a son who is nearly 3yrs ive been to poland for long holidays 5 times now driving there everytime and i want to make her my wife but im not sure what we need to provide to get married as we plan to get married here in a civil ceremony and a church wedding or bleesing in Poland next year when we go for holiday

please any advice would be gratefully received im pure british white male so im not looking for a passport lol
Orpheus - | 114
15 Oct 2012 #2
Why not ask at your local register office? That way you'll get the info' you need straight from the horse's mouth.

im pure british white male

Is there such a thing as pure British? Sounds like a contradiction in terms.
OP luckybrit 1 | 3
15 Oct 2012 #3
thanks what i mean is im not from pakistan pretending to be english as apprently were not allowed to call ourselves english anymore
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,720
15 Oct 2012 #4
well that's not true, you can call yourself what you like.
OP luckybrit 1 | 3
15 Oct 2012 #5
thanks for the advice and the humour i love this forum
anyway for anyone else reading i did contact the registras office and this is the result;
my girlfreind needs just the following her identity card and a recent bill or bank statement less than 3 months old this is for proof of address as she lives here

and then we go to the office for a Notice of Marriage this cost £35 and last for one year to get married in at this interview you must give a venue address if you change this then you need to repeat the interview

and i need just my passport and proof of address same as she does
then thats it hope this helps anyone reading

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