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Need help with Allegro in Poland, I'd like to sell a few things.

djkaunas 1 | -
29 Dec 2010 #1
I am form Lithuania, I speak Russian and English. My Polish is pretty bad.
I would like to sell few things on Allegro.

Could anyone answer few questions?
1. What are costs selling on Allegro? link would be useful
2. If I have bank account in Lithuania, can I use it, or it is better to go to Poland and open Polish bank account?
3. I read that there is Allegro payment system. Do I need it? or maybe it is easier just to have Polish bank account and that's it?

4. If I will have Polish bank account will buyers trust me?
5. Maybe there is something specific wich I need to know for selling on Allegro?

Thank you for answers.
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,098
30 Dec 2010 #2
1. What are costs selling on Allegro? link would be useful
22 Jan 2011 #3
I'm not a specialist at selling in Allegro, but I buy there quite often. Buyers trust you when you have many positive opinions and don't have negative ones. If you are new, you should have nice prices. It could be difficult at the begining

Account banking doesn't matter in my opinion. About Allegro payment system - it will notice you very soon after buyer pay and you are able to send products earlier. They transfer your money ones a month to your account. You can transfer money more often. But It's obligatory to share that option for buyers, you can only write in auctions, that you preffer to not use Allegro payment system.

About banking account - tranfer to abroad bank is more expensive so it could be a little barrier. I hope it will help a little. Sorry for my english :)
16 May 2016 #4
Merged: Allegro in Poland, selling from UK


Just wanted to ask whether I can sell on Allegro from the UK? and how would shipping work?

Thank you for your help in advanced,

Kind Regards
kpc21 1 | 763
16 May 2016 #5
It should be OK, although an offer with shipping from abroad will be always less trustworthy. There is many people reselling on Allegro products from AliExpress, then the shipping is from China and it also works.

How will the shipping work? You have to take care about that. Send the products by post, or by courier service. I don't know how it is with the British post, but once the parcel gets to Poland, everything should be ok. The Polish post is fast and reliable.

Another thing is payment. Sellers on Allegro usually offer both payment in advance (by a bank transfer) and at the moment of receiving the package (the post offers such a service, the courier companies offer it as well). If you are new and you don't have any reviews yet, many of the buyers will not trust you if they have to pay in advance. But it's good to offer such an option anyway, and it will be best for you to use the Allegro paying scheme (if I remember well, it's called PayU), then they will not have to send money to a foreign bank account, which might be problematic and which would make you much less trustworthy. Then you can withdraw money from the PayU system to a foreign bank account as well.

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