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What is needed for health care in Poland.

5 Apr 2011 #1
I was hoping someone would tell me what the requierments for health care are in Poland.

My mom and I are Poles, however my dad is a Mexican. This year my dad will retire and I am going to a university in Poland. My parents are now wondering wether they should return to Poland or live in Mexico. My mom wants to live in Poland since her whole family lives there, but she doesnt think he will be able to get health care.

My question is would he be able to get health care?

Just to clear things up. My dad married my mom in poland but they didnt live there for long.
AdamK 5 | 7
5 Apr 2011 #2
You should print this for your mom if she speaks Polish - its an excellent resource
SarraO - | 8
3 Nov 2016 #3
In my opinion medical services in Poland now offers a high level of treatment. This is particularly evident in places such as the American Clinic a part of Medicover Hospital. Doctors who work there and medical staff is multilanguages. In addition, each patient receives a kind o tudor, who accompanied him during the treatment. Certainly guarantees a huge psychological comfort.Moreover, on the site they are carried out even very complex operations and is using modern equipment.

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