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What happens to my Poland residence status if I get a divorce / separation?

thomasbrad128 1 | 2
19 Nov 2012 #1
I am an non eu national married with a polish citizen.I am currently holding a permanent resident card called karta stalego pobytu.

I'd like to know what happens with my resident status if it happens that I get a divorce.

A good experienced advice ll be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
Looker - | 1,033
30 Oct 2014 #2
If you have permanent residence permit already, the divorce won't change your status.
Permanent residency may be cancelled only for specific reasons, such as by leaving the country for 6 years, conviction for an criminal offense punished by three years imprisonment, etc.
Da3bOur213 1 | 1
14 Jul 2015 #3
Merged: Poland's Residence Card Renewal Possibilities for a non EU citizen (separated)

Hi ya'll hope ur doing well ....
I have a confusion about my case so far, i'm a non EU married to a polish woman, we been saperated since 8 months now & we're not living together beside she refusing to apply for divorce.. & my card will end about a month from now.. my qiestion is there any chance i can apply for a new card in this situation ?? anyone have this same situation??

thx :)
Polsyr 6 | 769
15 Jul 2015 #4
If you have a demonstrable source of income, plus a legal title to your place of residence, then you can for a new residence card under alternative basis regardless of your marital situation. But there are many small details and you should ask a professional.

Home / Law / What happens to my Poland residence status if I get a divorce / separation?
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