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Any good business ideas - what Poland needs?

Roger5 1 | 1,455
8 Jan 2015 #91
Kebabs are still going well in Poland, but there are just too many Kebab places.

Kebabs are always going to be popular with the low end of the market, but as you say, there are too many of them. The point I'd like to make is that offering a good product or service is not enough, either in Poland or anywhere else. Over the years I have seen so many good restaurants close in Białystok. One of my favourites happened to be a really good Turkish place, which served almost authentic kebabs (they got round the difficulty of getting lamb by mixing mutton with veal, and it worked). Unfortunately, they just couldn't get enough people through the door, and they closed after less than a year. I'm sincerely hoping that the recently opened and excellent Elvisburger, just off Rynek Kościuszki, stays open. The only problem is that after the last time I was there I had "I forgot to remember to forget you" in my head for two days.
johnny reb 41 | 8,053
8 Jan 2015 #92
Is there a need for storage units in Poland ?
Once they are erected and made secure there is no maintenance
to speak of unless you have heated ones.
No utilities besides electricity for security lighting and camera's.
Yearly taxes and insurance of course.
No full time employee's to deal with either.
No food spoilage or health inspectors to deal with.
Seems permits and codes to erect them would be a lot less hassle
then occupied buildings. (No kitchen or bathrooms)
Say 48 cold storage units that rents out for $100 a month would give
you $57,000 a year income without dealing with plugged toilets.
I would expect taxes would be low on them also.
Keep them dry and have lots of security camera's.
Start out with 12 and let them pay for themselves.
Then make sure to have room to expand with another12 units with
your profits.
I have my cup of coffee and sitting down to read what a stupid idea
this is
They have made me a modest supplemental income here in the States
with very little stress.
gumishu 13 | 6,100
8 Jan 2015 #93
Is there a need for storage units in Poland ?

not really - the percentage of home owners in Poland is very big so not many renters appart from students and not many people moving from one rented appartment to another
Marsy101 1 | 24
8 Jan 2015 #94
I think it depends on the city. Warsaw does have a large student population who of course are almost entirely renters, but these students become post-grad professionals and generally have to work for years before they're in a position to put a deposit down on a flat. I find that there are more young professionals looking to change properties in Warsaw between August and September than students, for various reasons:

1) tenancy agreements for students tend to run Sep - Sep. Once a student qualifies they often look for a new flat in Sep and the cycle continues

2) they know that every year they're competing for properties with students (particularly the fresh influx of 1st year students) so they hunt more aggressively and they're generally more organised

3) year on year their careers develop and they want a slightly better place to share with friends so again they move to something better (or of course careers not going so well so they downgrade!)

4) eventually they meet a significant other and decide to rent together so they find a smaller place that fits their budget
5) until they leave the rental system by lumping their money together, borrowing from family and putting a deposit on a place of their own

An individual could change apartments up to 10 times before they settle and buy, which is pretty substantial turnover and also why it's so important to try and time your changeovers for the start of the academic year regardless of whether your target is students or young professionals.
pigsy 7 | 305
8 Jan 2015 #95
48 cold storage unit

Johnny im assuming you meant normal storage units and not refrigerated storage units?As referigerated storage units will be expensive and cost over 100$ a month cuz of electric bills.

Frozen storage & referigerated units were in high demand before the russian problem started on the highway to minsk(belarus).
ufo973 10 | 89
9 Jan 2015 #96
GUYS!!! I am a professional web developer and i want to create an online shop but i don't know what to sell? There are already lots of online shops for cloths, cosmetics, movies etc. Do you know about something still not available online?
pigsy 7 | 305
9 Jan 2015 #97
I have been using this and so do couple of my friends wonder if this can be a success in Poland..
ufo973 10 | 89
9 Jan 2015 #98
Brilliant Idea :D We can become partners on this :)
pigsy 7 | 305
9 Jan 2015 #99
Sure since investment is peanuts:) mail me. LOL even bald guys get to use it:))
Marsy101 1 | 24
9 Jan 2015 #100
I have been using this and so do couple of my friends wonder if this can be a sucess in Poland..

The home-page video had me laughing out loud... brilliant! "your handsome ass grandfather had one blade AND Polio!"

It's a great business idea. Very original and needed. The expense of guillet razors is something I think most guys have complained at, at some point.

The quantities they must be buying to achieve a profit on 5 heads at 1 usd per month must be staggering. I have a feeling the investment required might be a bit more than peanuts. They probably do quite well out of their add-on shaving products though (moisturisers, after shave etc). I do think subscription businesses are brilliant... Nespresso being one of the most successful.

Pitty I prefer having a beard really...
JollyRomek 7 | 481
9 Jan 2015 #101

Which platforms fo you work on? I would be looking for someone to develop a webshop as an extension to my wordpress site.

I have been thinking about prestashop but still struggle with some of the configurations. Happy to pay for the work (ideally at a decent price) or partner up. Let me know
LodzLand 2 | 25
9 Jan 2015 #102
Save your money, if you go bankrupt here and still have debt you will still be liable for the debt plus interest and it is transferred to your family.

Not to mention the 800pzl you have to pay per employee per month to the government.
You decide the risk.
pigsy 7 | 305
9 Jan 2015 #103
more than peanuts

I was thinking import of stuff in an container initially from China of those products should not cost over 6k usd.A friend of mine in Warsaw imports furniture and I assume he is making over500k usd a year(Since he bought 2 large commercial properties and a new x6)and has a huge 450 sq metre warehouse in pieasczno in a span of 5 years.
JollyRomek 7 | 481
9 Jan 2015 #104
I was thinking import of stuff

Absolutely. Go for it! Importing "stuff" is always a good business plan
Marsy101 1 | 24
9 Jan 2015 #105

I think pigsy's referring to shaving related 'stuff'... right?

Non original mach-3 blades on allegro. 36pln for 12 = 3pln per blade inc shipping

Original mach-3 blades on allegro. 27.95 for 8 = 3.49pln per blade inc shopping.

Two ways to look at this.

1) 3.49pln (1usd) for an original mach-3 blade is pretty dam cheap and renders buying the non-original version, pointless

2) It works out at 2.10pln per blade with the dollar shave club inc. shipping and you don't have to remember to order blades again. Cheaper and saving you time is pretty important. With that in mind, I'd imagine you could justify higher prices than the cheapest allegro seller.

Just a bit of fun... procrastinating really.
pigsy 7 | 305
9 Jan 2015 #106
Just a bit of fun... procrastinating really.

I know lol,but imagine importing it from china? I wonder how much will it be from there directly?My guess 1.49 including freight by the container.
LodzLand 2 | 25
9 Jan 2015 #107
Polish people hire garages for 60pzl where they live, I have seen others buying garages go out of business.
Storage hire is not so popular with the masses, large premises is not a problem in Poland so they likely store goods them self.

There is also the risk of burglaries. Likely if they not well monitored well they will be hit allot thus creating more expenses.
Crow 160 | 9,400
9 Jan 2015 #108
Any good business ideas - what Poland needs?

Poland needs better cooperation and communication with all countries on the Baltic-Balkan line. Its essential for Poland`s vital interests, security and economy. Still, for some reasons we see only signals of it, clear signals to those countries but, very weak action by Poland. What holds Poland are four major powers- Britain, France, USA and Germany. They endangering future of Poland.
JollyRomek 7 | 481
10 Jan 2015 #109
They endangering future of Poland.

Well, unless Serbia starts to fund construction or any other projects in Poland, i can not see why Poland would turn away from their current partners.

I will be waiting for the signs that says "Funded by Serbia", next time i am using the motorway.
Crow 160 | 9,400
10 Jan 2015 #110
i absolutely understand your attitude and you are right. We are all in golden cage, until some of us Slavs prove to be competent enough. In the meanwhile, let`s be aware of the every aspect of reality. So, my comment also goes as the correct one. Poland gets funding by her today`s major partners (same as Serbia, from those same `partners`) but, those partners do endanger future of Poland (and Serbia). i know, its paradox.
Cardno85 31 | 976
10 Jan 2015 #111
not really - the percentage of home owners in Poland is very big

I am curious, what is the percentage of home owners in Poland? And is it going down?

I would have thought in the past lots of people built/bought houses for the whole family to live in (my Wife's family still do this to a certain extent but they are not in a big city). So when kids grow up, they almost get a floor to themselves and never leave home, except for studies.

Looking at young people nowadays it seems more common for them not to stay at home with the family and are looking for more freedom, but I doubt many of them will be in a buyers market somewhere like Kraków where the property prices are ridiculous compared to income.
SeanBM 35 | 5,808
10 Jan 2015 #112
I am curious, what is the percentage of home owners in Poland?

It went up after communism :)
"More than 50% of EU households owned their homes, with the highest rates of home ownership found in Romania (96%), Lithuania and Slovakia (both 89%) and Hungary (87%). The lowest percentages of home ownership were in Denmark, France and Poland (all 58%), the Netherlands (56%), Austria (52%), and Germany (46%)."

I doubt many of them will be in a buyers market somewhere like Kraków where the property prices are ridiculous compared to income.

They rent accommodation.
pigsy 7 | 305
11 Jan 2015 #113
refering to owning you mean mortgaged or owned outright with no loans?
13 Aug 2017 #114
i need also good ideas for business

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