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Good bank in Poland to open a personal account where the Polish address/karta pobytu and pesel is not required

27 Apr 2016 #1
I have no pesel. .. no kart stala pobyti , but may well have card of czasowy pobyti.
Have tried to open an account with a couple of banks ( ING / mbank / ideal- or could be idea / ) and all bar idea bank said I must have a Polish address and pesel... with ideal bank pesel / kart pobyti not required just polish adress and uk passport - by default this seems the bank for me.

I want to know what's a good bank to be with - for cheap / free use of debit card in Poland and good app etc.

There is an oldish bank - think it's called pko ( I think) it's a very staid very widespread perhaps one time commy state bank , which seems tempting because I know someone who banks with them .

Banking with pko myself would mean transfers to my friend would be a doddle ....
But as I say it does seem a boring dreary sort of bank - perhaps these days that's a good thing.

Anyway... any recommendations would be appreciated.
terri 1 | 1,663
27 Apr 2016 #2
You need an address for correspondence. I have accounts with Allior bank and have never had any trouble with them. You do NOT need a Pesel - I don't have one and have had bank accounts (with various banks) for the last 14 years.

All banks now charge for having accounts with them - you need to ask. Maybe higher charge if you want a debit card/credit card - but ask.
xpertize 3 | 8
11 Mar 2017 #3

Can a tourist open a bank account in Poland?


I will be travelling to Warsaw on a tourist visa. Want to know whether I will be able to open a bank account or not.

thecodergeek 5 | 31
25 Oct 2017 #4
[Moved from]: Opening a bank account on tourist visa in Poland / non-resident bank

Is it really required to open Non resident bank account in home country ..or Is it ok to have just saving account and transfer fund from Polish account to saving account .
thecodergeek 5 | 31
28 Oct 2017 #5

Credit Card without Pesel Number in Poland

Hello folks,

Can foreigners have credit card without pesel number ? if so what all documents required and bank ?

I am interested in having a credit card on my arrival to Poland to furnish basic needs till the time I get my first salary

Thanks !
Alexbrz 3 | 78
29 Oct 2017 #6
the bank would be extremely negligent to give someone without any credit history, nor safetynet to ever pay back, a credit card.

If you dont have money, you dont have money. I wouldnt count on a bank to take your risk.
29 Oct 2017 #7
Any bank each bank need to see your visa
29 Oct 2017 #8
It's very unlikely that any bank will lend you money. What would they do if you just went home without giving them their money back?
20 Nov 2017 #9
Can you tell us about your home country? Rules differ from country to country.
chessfan - | 1
9 Apr 2019 #10

Coming to Poland on tourist visa. Local bank account possible?


I am coming on tourist visa to Warsaw for 90 days. Is it possible to open a local bank account there?

jon357 74 | 22,387
9 Apr 2019 #11
No, you have to have an address, and usually a few other things.

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