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Going back from Poland to Brazil without the residence card

24 Aug 2019 #1

I'm living in Poland since May 2018 and have applied to the Karta Pobytu on August 2018. I received the decision recently (approved), but the card is not going to be ready before my departure next week. I'm not returning to Poland, to make things clear. So, I have a connection in Lisbon which will last 15h. Will I be able to leave the airport having only the letter with the decision or I should really have the card for that?

jgrabner 1 | 71
26 Aug 2019 #2
If the flight is originating in PL, then there will be no border control in Lisbon, so you can enter the country freely and of course also leave the airport without any checks. But even if there were, Brazilian citizens do not need a visa for tourist purposes.
Cargo pants 2 | 191
26 Aug 2019 #3
leave the airport without any check

Nope,There is always border control entering or exiting the shengen zone.When he exits he might have to explain his longer stay.
OP pauloolivieri
26 Aug 2019 #4
@Cargo pants Yes, I also think this is going to happen. And @jgrabner, the problem is that I don't know if the 90 Schengen days were still counting after I got the Polish stamp on my passport when I applied for the Karta Pobytu. This actually happened 6 days before the tourist visa expired.
mafketis 23 | 7,822
27 Aug 2019 #5
I would think that the letter notifying him of the positive decision for the residence card (maybe with a sworn translation into English and/or Portuguese) would be enough.

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