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My Polish friend can sponsor a visa to me, what are procedures in Poland?

Fazil karatt
8 Oct 2017 #1
I got a sponser from Warsaw Poland , she was polish person , is it possible to get visa migrate To Poland ?!
What is formality for that's ??
It's very deficult to process ?
OP Fazil karatt
8 Oct 2017 #2
Hello to all
Now iam here India
My polish friend ready to sponser for me , so
What the next step !? How to apply visa , and which kind of want to apply
Pleas help
DominicB - | 2,709
8 Oct 2017 #3
@Fazil karatt

Your friend will have to go to the Division for Foreigner Affairs at the Office of the Wojewódzstwo in which they live and provide proof that they have the money to support you during your stay. Then the office will issue a letter of invitation. You have to take that letter along with you when you apply for a visa. You can only apply for a Schengen visa, 90 days or less.

Just because you have an invitation does not mean that they will issue the visa. Applications based on invitation letters from "friends" are often denied, especially if they are not convinced that you will leave the Schengen zone when your visa expires. You will have to have solid documentation that you have very strong ties to India proving that you do indeed intend to return.

Home / Law / My Polish friend can sponsor a visa to me, what are procedures in Poland?
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