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Freelancer taxes in Poland

30 Nov 2016 #1
Hello, I'm and individual (no company or anything) from Georgia studying full time in Poland via the National, student visa type-D.I do some freelancing work online too, I've been here for more than 183 days so I have to pay taxes here I know that and my country and Poland have "no double tax" treaty. I don't have Karta Pobytu, just the visa. I had a few questions, maybe someone with experience could answer:

1)Do I have to register somewhere to get the proper permit or something similar to work as freelancer?
2)Can I fill out the personal income tax in Poland with just having the Visa and not Karta Pobytu?
3)Is it legal to do freelancing work without any contracts? (Considering clients are not from Poland, but from some other country like USA, and decide to send me money just from their personal bank account)

I have some more questions, but these 3 are the most important for me at the moment, would really appreciate if someone could answer, Thank you
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30 Nov 2016 #2
1.Yes you can register as self employer
2.No, you have a student visa (I'm not sure)
3.Yes it's legal to do freelancing work without any contracts
30 Nov 2016 #3
Thank you for the reply, I have one more question if you don't mind, what if someone gifts me money, like if a person just sends me money as a gift through bank transfer, is this money taxable?
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30 Nov 2016 #4
Gift is gift not taxable of course, But if the sender sends you a lot of times (example each month) The possibility that the bank asks for the source of the fund (Money Laundering),Here you must prove the source of the money, because it's impossible to receive the money every time as a GIFT
30 Nov 2016 #5
Thank you so much for the help, I still don't understand this situation fully, for example there is a website called, where people livestream themselves playing video games or what not, and the viewers can donate them money through paypal, it is technically a gift from one person to another, but it happens like every day for some of them, and I guess that is considered as a normal income.

And also how is paypal handled in Poland? if you receive payments there is it reported to the government?
Again, thank you so much for your time
29 Jan 2017 #6

Taxation rules for freelancers working in Poland

Hi All

I wish to know how the taxation works for freelancers in Poland? If a person is an IT consultant, working for clients overseas and getting paid in Euros/Zloty, does the normal tax rates of 18% or 32% apply?

Is it necessary for a freelancer to register himself as a business? If so, are the taxes higher?

Thanks in advance.
29 Jan 2017 #7
You have to register. Tax is 18% of income less expenses, plus about 950 zl a month in ZUS as a flat fee regardless of how much you earn.
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29 Jan 2017 #8
Register as an "entrepreneur" (jednoosobowy or 1-person) firm if you have no significant risks (e.g., business loans backed by a house or property, in which case get a more advanced company). One person firms are more like self-employed in other countries than a formal company but you get the benefit of being registered. Be aware your ZUS payments will jump to about 1500-2000k PLN once your two-year grace expires. You can actually choose between 18% and 19% tax rates (at the moment) depending on how much you expect to make in a year and when you expect to surpass the threshold. Check with your accountant, which you should have if you want hope of staying in compliance. Good luck.

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