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Freelance taxes in Poland, made simple.

heiouhello 1 | -
3 Feb 2016 #1
Hi everyone,

I find myself having to use Poland as a base-work for the following two years and I would like to ask what the freelance taxes would be.

1/ Does anyone know how it works, just a scheme (i.e. monthly 220€ least, three-monthly taxes as worker and annually taxes based on the whole money)

2/ Is there any place (by that I mean physical and English, Spanish or Russian speaking in some big city) or website, where I could find detailed explanation?

I'm here to see whether it's worth changing the country tax receiver.
If Poland proved to be cheaper, why not, as I remember how clever the move was when I stayed in the UK for a few months, that was literally saving lol!

Thanks a bunch :)
3 Feb 2016 #2
You are going to compare the UK with Poland? If so, when it comes to taxes, UK is likely to be cheaper, no matter what ;)
busuyiguy - | 4
23 Mar 2016 #3
Merged: Setting up a new company and paying taxes in Poland

Hey guy, i just set up a new company last week,i have NIP already few years ago, i've registered with NFZ and ZUS, am wondering how to go about the tax stuff since my company activities will be selling concert tickets ( in Germany ) via Ebay

Any contribution will be appreciated...Thanks
delphiandomine 87 | 18,086
23 Mar 2016 #4
Any contribution will be appreciated...Thanks

Nothing special - speak to your accountant about how they want you to do it. The easiest way is to issue invoices in two currencies, but if you're using a kasa fiskalna, your accountant will want it done in a certain way.
busuyiguy - | 4
28 Mar 2016 #5
Thanks for your contributon, i will ask her about it.
askbeka 1 | 2
21 Jun 2016 #6
Merged: Paying taxes for overseas side job

Hi. I am not EU citizen but I have EU blue card, and have full time job in Poland. And I also want to earn some money freelancing.

I've got offer from US based company to work for them as contractor on remote basis. They say that I don't pay taxes in US, because I am not US citizen and I am not an employee but a contractor.

Company I am currently working for in Poland is handling all the taxes for me. And I don't have any idea how should I pay taxes for side job.

Should I register here as a self-employed and handle all the taxes including my full time job and side job?
Please share, if you know something. I will appreciate it.
Lyzko 42 | 9,501
21 Jun 2016 #7
Would you be a Russian national by any chance?

I'd imagine you'd have to pay some form of estimated, self-employment tax as an outside sub-contractor.
askbeka 1 | 2
22 Jun 2016 #8
Would you be a Russian national by any chance?

Hi. No, but I speak Russian.

I'd imagine you'd have to pay some form of estimated, self-employment tax as an outside sub-contractor.

Yeah, my thought are the same. but I don't know details, and I don't really know Polish yet, to go and get info from local offices.
gen123 - | 1
28 Nov 2017 #9
Hi did you solve your problem? How? I have the same question.
maltinka 1 | 14
1 Apr 2019 #10
Hi there! I am my own personal company in poland and am paid as such, paying my own ZUS, and PIT-5 I will begin teaching online with a company in Berlin and they have asked if I am set up as a freelancer (which i said i am) and I need to provide them with my FREELANCER TAX ID....can anyone tell me what that might be? thank you so much!

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