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Foreign non-EU architect willing to open one person company in Poland

kama 1 | 2
17 Jul 2010 #1
Hi Everybody.

I am an architect from Lebanon, willing to move to Poland and open my company there. In general, architects need a license to sign and build in poland, but still they can do design and hire local architects to sign, and this is what i am actually planing to do for the first 3 to 4 years (it takes 3 to 4 years to get the architecture license).

But as far as this forum is concerned, i am writing to inquire about the status of a Lebanese who wants to open a one person company in Poland (Warsaw of Krakow): will it be better to open as one person company? or to open a sister company,as i have my office registered back home in Lebanon? which is better for taxation/easy processing? and can i have the company under my name as foreigner? or under my Polish wife's name? My partner/future wife is Polish, and i think this will help as well. Any advices are welcome. Thanks. Ma

PS:we are targetting a small size company at the begining,so the simplest structure is the best for us now.
Sick0 - | 11
17 Jul 2010 #2
How do you want to do it with no knowedge of polish ?
OP kama 1 | 2
17 Jul 2010 #3
Dear,our plan is to relocate, start new life, and this means that language learning process will start from the very first day. My future wife is Polish, and settling in Polish means the Polish language will become an obvious tool, even must to have, a daily oxygene. I don t think the language will be a big barrier;there will be difficult time first years, but this process is normal when one relocates to new place. don t u think?
Ghang - | 3
7 Mar 2013 #4
hello, did you settle down in Poland? If so I'm architect too looking for a job.
SaraAli - | 1
18 Mar 2018 #5
Hello Kama,
I stumbled on your 2010 post, as I am in similar shoes now 8 years after you. Can you please write an update on how things went for you.

Kind Regards,
Sara Ali

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