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Flight Reservation Question for National Visa D Type - appointment in Poland's embassy

khan001 3 | 5
25 Aug 2017 #1

I have appointment in polish embassy for national visa D type which is for longer period as compared to schengen visa. I need to present the flight reservations for departure from my country and return from Poland. Embassy says they need reservation to be of at least 5-6 months but the travel agent where i'm trying to book the reservation, they are saying they can hold the reservation only for 3 months.

Please tell me what to do in this matter?

dammestxp 1 | 6
16 Oct 2017 #2
You do not need to pay for any flight reservation while making it, i will suggest you go to or there you can put any date you will to travel and return, once it is done click payment by bank transfer, real ticket will be issued to you once your money arrived in their account, you should do this few days before you go to the embassy and once you have confirmation from the reservation (which you will have immediately) you can print it out and take it to the embassy.

I do this every year for my mother when she is visiting, after the visa is issued, we go another place and buy cheap tickets.
31 Jul 2018 #3
Any body can help to arrange appointment at Poland Embassy in New Delhi, For National Visa Work
Please contact me on Email:
vbhatia - | 9
31 Jul 2018 #4
if somebody is able to take visa appointment for national visa - work, whats the appointment date that is latest avalaible
if slot gets open, what is latest date available for visa

neet123 - | 1
12 Nov 2018 #5
greetings for the day !!!

hi mates i want to know what all documents need to be submitted for national Type A work visa in Mumbai and in new Delhi consulate.

as i have applied for the Visa but got refusal with 9 th and 10th option selected, can any one help me what documents need to be submitted for re appeal as well.

Thanks in Advance .

Your response may help me.

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