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Fishing laws in Poland

Gut1234 1 | -
3 Feb 2019 #1
Will be headed to Poland from the US and was wondering about the fishing laws and license requirements. Tried google already and keep getting mixed information on it, needless to say I'm confused hahaa. Thank you in advance.
Dougpol1 32 | 3,245
3 Feb 2019 #2
ishing laws and license requirements.

I presume you are talking coarse fishing? The laws even for that are pretty draconian. Fisheries protection.....You need to visit the town hall or some such place and apply for a licence. You can't even fish off the pier without one. Anyway, depending on where you go, there are byelaws etc etc. Of course there are close seasons; some locations are club only, more so than in the UK for example. In Britain you can just turn up at a coarse fishery, pay a day fishing rate, and cast your line. Here it is more complicated, but that doesn't seem to put of the mob of Silesian fishermen (who of course are fishing an empty acidified lake simply to get away from their wives)
Richthecat 8 | 68
5 Feb 2019 #3
Dougpol is right almost all fishing requires a permit the best way to do this is to arrange a trip through a guide you may have to pay a little bit more but it will be worth it to have all the documentation straight. They do check these permits regularly and love to issue fine especially to foreign visitors. So if you know where you want to fish google the Local "Polski Zwiazek W─Ödkarski"
pawian 176 | 14,299
5 Feb 2019 #4
One doesn`t need any papers while fishing on private lakes. Pay admission fee, that`s all. If you catch something, you pay for it. Simple.

Check this site for Lesser Poland region - commercial fisheries

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