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Poland father right to be mantained by richer sons

10 May 2012 #1
Ceisth to all,
I have a strange question: often it occurs that the divorced father have no money and he asks help to his ex wife and his sons?

In the case the divorce was agreed by the spouses, the father has rights to ask for money to the sons and to the exwife.

I hope I was clear, thanks in advance
natasia 3 | 368
10 May 2012 #2
In the UK, he can apply for maintenance from his ex-wife. If he has children of the marriage under 18 or in full time education and living with him, he will have more chance of getting spousal maintenance.

As I understand it, he can only apply for maintenance from his ex-wife. He could also, if she owns property, apply for a share of that property (half). If, however, when he got divorced he signed a 'clean and clear break' agreement, then he can't ask for anything from his ex-wife now.

I don't think he can ask for maintenance from his sons. I have not heard of that in the UK. They were not married to him ...
no registration
10 May 2012 #3
In Poland, if children are grown up, and a parent lives in destitute, the children are required to take care of him/her.
OP Tadeus
10 May 2012 #4
Hi Natasia
thanks for ur reply but u are speaking about UK law I was wondering about Polish one....
thanks in any case for the answer

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