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European Law in Poland to register UK cars

academica72 2 | 4
17 Jan 2013 #1
Hello all,

does anyone know if Poland is going to sign the European agreement on register UK cars in Poland this year?

If so does also anyone know wean is going to be passed to be a Law in Poland?


pablom 1 | 4
17 Jan 2013 #2
It all depends on the decision of the European Court of Justice. Supposedly there's a new law in the works, but I bet the government won't budge unless it's forced to.

source: Rejestracja Auta Wersja Angielska
OP academica72 2 | 4
17 Jan 2013 #3
Thanks for that pablom.

I hope that law will be clear and passed in a very near future. This is just not acceptable wean the other European cars include of Polish cars are allowed in the UK and the UK cars are not allowed in Poland. Is Poland a member of European Union? Or Not? European Union just for the money to build infrastructures in Poland? If Poland thinks like that is better go out of the Union, now!

Any one here knows about this? And wean is going to be approved?

Dreadnought 1 | 143
27 Jan 2013 #4
I am English and I personally think it is in Polands best interest not to allow RHD cars here in Poland. Firstly and you might not like this, is that it will add to the appaling death/carnage/maiming rate on the roads......combinations of bad driving/drunk/psycho/both and RHD will only add to the carnage. Plus it will destroy what small amount of new car sales that there are. UK cars are relatively cheap and why pay an excessive price for a new car here when you could import an almost new luxury UK car for a huge amount less.
Wroclaw Boy
27 Jan 2013 #5
I am English and I personally think it is in Polands best interest not to allow RHD cars here in Poland.

+1 the roads are dangerous enough and this law would only make it worse.
Dreadnought 1 | 143
29 Jan 2013 #6
No No No Wroclaw Boy........all I ever hear from Poles is 'its not their fault...the roads are bad'!!!!!!! did you Poles never hear of 'driving with regard to the conditions of the road' ?? In simple terms that means if the road is slow down....Poles just don,t know how to do that and so...the carnage continues. Eventually the EU will force policing measures on you that will have your cars taken away from you and crushed if you are caught many times will that have to happen before you learn to drive carefully. (Please take this to heart...Poland is lovely...I drive slowly and am able to look around and see more of this beautiful place.....I want you all to enjoy it as much as I do!)

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